top 100 Youngest millionaires in Kenya 2019 list. Kenya has got young billionaires who have made millions of money in their early stages of life.


1. Steve mbogo – He s arguably youngest millionaire in Kenya 2019 .

2. Jared Otieno – he is among the youngest millionaires in Kenya 2019

3. Lorna RuttoLorna Rutto, 28 is the founder of EcoPost, a profitable social enterprise which manufactures aesthetic, durable and environmentally friendly fencing posts using plastic waste, a more environmentally friendly alternative to timber.she is among female youngest millionaires in Kenya

4. Evans Wadongo – Wadongo is among youngest young men in Kenya, a 26-year-old Kenyan engineer designed a solar-powered LED lantern called MwangaBora (Swahili for “Good Light”), an invention which is fast replacing smoky kerosene lamps and firelight in rural Kenya. Wadongo has been distributing thousands of these lanterns throughout rural Kenya where there is little or no electricity. His organization, Sustainable Development For All (SDFA) sponsors an empowerment initiative that teaches poor Kenyans how to reproduce these solar lanterns and sell for profit.

5. Sadat Muhindi- Sadat Muhindi, the CEO of Maliza Umaskini has spent over Sh100,000 on a single upcoming artiste, Papa Dennis both in video projects and international travels, that being just one of his little hobbies. Sadat is ?lthy wealthy and has investments in South Africa and Europe. He stinks cash and wherever he goes, everyone keeps their wallets away, for he brings life to the party. He ranks among youngest millionaires in kenya

6. Ravij Mehta.Rajiv Mehta – He is among youngest millionaires in Kenya. 29 years old of age, is one of Kenya’s most outstanding young entrepreneurs. He is the founder of Tangerine Investments, an outdoor advertising firm that uses public transit vehicles, litter bins and street poles to market leading consumer goods in Kenya.

7. Jemo Keroche – He is the son to the CEO of Keroche Breweries Tabitha Karanja. Jemo is described as outgoing and his love for fast bikes is clear. Jemo Keroche is among youngest millionaires in Kenya. He is philanthropic and occasionally splashes hundreds of thousands entertaining friends in his entourage.

8. Joel Mwale- Mwale who is 20 years old runs SkyDrop Enterprises, a rainwater filtration and bottling company which produces low-cost purified drinking water, milk and other dairy products in Kenya. Mwale founded Skydrop in December 2009 and the company now employs over 20 people.

9. Mark Kaigwa
Mark Kaigwa, 27 is a multi-talented creative director, filmmaker, digital marketer and entrepreneur. Kaigwa is a co-founder and partner at Afrinnovator, a venture which aims to put Africa on the map by publishing exploits across African innovation, technology and start-ups. He is also Partner at African Digital Art – the web’s leading resource for creative inspiration in animation, illustration, photography and design from Africa

10. Charles oseko Otara- He is the owner of sokohuru technologies company that resells bundles

11. Nancy Amunga.Nancy – Amunga, 28, is the founder and director of Dana Communications Limited, a communications and transport company, which majors mainly on courier services.

12. Ruth Mwanzia – Ruth Mawia Mwanzia is an entrepreneur and communications officer. Ms Mawia, 28, is the managing director and owner of Koola Waters, a water bottling company based in Nairobi, works as Corporate Communications Officer at Water Management Authority and studies for her Master’s at Nazarene University.

13. Martin Kiarie aka Edi?ce: This guy eats life with a big spoon. He is in real estate business and currently in Norway where he runs an entertainment out? t and also attends school. He is a real baller who commands attention wherever he goes thanks to his big spending.

14. Don Matino Kiarie aka KRG: He traded his football career in the Norwegian league before shifting to business and deejaying in Europe.He runs a successful entertainment unit comprising of European deejays and a hand in real estate. Described as shy but outgoing, Don Matino is never shy of sorting humongous bills for a big party.

15. Victor wanyama – He is among youngest millionaires in Kenya. He is also among highest paid  footballers in Kenya

16. Michael olunga

17. Dan Sonko Rogena:  Sonko Rogena as he is referred to by his close associates controls a mega transport empire that runs across East and Central Africa. Easily recognised by his trademark ?ashy gold chains and rings and golden pool cue stick, Rogena is a darling to his royal followers and funs and he is the darling of party goers as he splashes tens of thousands wherever he goes to party. He ranks among youngest millionaires in Kenya.

18. Cosmas Ochieng – He ranks among youngest millionaires in kenya. Cosmas Ochieng, a 26 year-old Kenyan entrepreneur runs Ecofuels Kenya, an East Africa firm which produces environmentally friendly, green biofuels and organic fertilizers from renewable indigenous sources such as the croton nut.

19. Richard Turere – He is the innovator behind ‘Lion Lights’ which are flashing lights set up around a perimeter facing outwards; which are used to scare away lions. Richard devised ‘Lion Lights’ to prevent night attacks by lions on his family’s cattle herd.

20. Bonfice Mwangi – Boniface Mwangi is an award winning Kenyan photographer and photo-activist. Boniface is the Project Director of Picha Mtaani, which is a mobile photo exhibition held in towns across Kenya, showcasing photographs of the post-election violence that rocked various parts of the country in 2007/08.

21. Leon Ndubai-  Leon is among youngest millionaires in Kenya 2018. This year, he will invest Sh1.3 billion to put a five star hotel in Elementaita. In Nairobi, he is investing Sh300 million in sandalwood villa in Lavington. He owns golden beach resort in Malindi, a high end hotel which charges Sh70,000 per night.

22. Ali Ibrahim – He is among youngest billionaires in the market

Age: 34

Job: Head of SO Energy, Africa

23. Jaguar – he is Among kenya’s richest musicians