You don’t have to inherit money, win the lottery, or even be the next Bill Gates or Warren Buffett to become financially secure and Rich.

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With a little bit of knowledge and a lot of hard work and discipline, almost anyone can accumulate sufficient wealth.

If you continue doing following things, you will never become rich.

1. Think being rich is reserved for lucky people Nothing in this life is a chance or divine luck.

Everything that happens to us in this life results from our actions. Getting rich can be very hard work. Thinking that become rich is luck means that you don’t want to work or take the risk to achieve anything

2. Have only one source of income
Living only on your employee salary is a sign of conformity. Not looking for other sources of income means that you have no aspirations or goals to grow.

Although you are financially well off with your salary, and it allows you to have a quiet life, having different sources of income allows you to achieve financial independence, eventually.

3. Believe in easy money

There are many businesses that promise you “financial freedom.” Today there are still many people who believe that they will get rich with them, but they do not really work to make you rich.

4. Spend too much on non essential services.

Financial survey found that more than one-half of respondents (52%) said their monthly spending exceeded their income at least a few months a year. Yet only 9% of respondents said their lifestyle was more than they could afford. Of the 52% who routinely overspend, 36% finance the shortfall by dipping into savings.

Blowing your entire paycheck (and then some) each month isn’t an ingredient in the recipe for financial success. Neither is draining your savings or running up card balances. To rein in spending, start by tracking where the money goes every month.

Try to zero in on nonessential areas where you can cut back. Then create a realistic budget that ensures you have enough to pay the bills as well as enough for contributions to such things as a retirement account and a rainy-day fund.

5. Take High debts with no returns

Some debts can lead to financial success a mortgage to purchase real estate, a credit line to start a business or a student loan to fund a college education — but a high-interest loans usually doesn’t. Pay down credit cards with the steepest rates as quickly as possible.

6. Buy everything new

New stuff is nice, but it’s often not the best investment. Take cars. Estimates vary, but some experts say a new vehicle loses 30% of its value within the first two years

7. Save everything and make no tangible investment

Saving is good but you have to invest in things that bring returns

8. If you don’t want to take risks

investments are all about risks with high returns

9. Spending too much on things you had not planned

10.You Don’t Invest in Yourself

This might be the single biggest obstacle on your path to riches. If you’re not investing in continuing education, training and personal development, you’re limiting your ability to make more money in the future.