Why do most people die in early morning hours / at night ( 2am – 6am )? which is most common hour people die ? what  time do most people die ? This are the many questions we ask ourselves because even serious patients and disastrous accidents happen at this hour

Ever ask yourself why do most deaths occur at this hour? 3am is considered the “devil’s hour” because many deaths usually occur between 3-6am. A study was conducted as to why more deaths occur early in the morning (but before sunrise) compared to any other hours of the day or night. It was discovered that your body and your immune system
is actually more vulnerable between 3-5am.

If a very sick patient had terminal illness, they would usually pass away early in the morning when their body is at the weakest point. Same explanation applies to any person who’s got into a serious car accident, they may survive the accident if it happened during the day
(that is if there were any chances of survival, this theory does not apply to people who die instantly after the car collison, it only applies to patients who were rushed to the hospital).

The human body is the strongest at certain times of the hours during the day and if they were lucky, their body could fight to stay alive, however, if the accident occurred early in the morning (like Diana, Princess of Wales who died hours later in hospital at 4am), the survival chance is very minimal.

Sometimes it is 2:AM simply because we change our clock due to day light savings time. This is why at times things maybe cited to occur at 2am when they are reported, when it is really the 3 o’clock hour based on the phase of the sun.

3pm is, of course, when Jesus died and his spirits ascended into heaven until the third day. The Blessed Mary’s Assumption into Heaven occurred at 3pm as well. Some say 3pm is when the veil between this world and Heaven is at its thinnest. Same of course to be said in the opposite time of 3am and the veil dividing this world and a ‘Dark realm’. ‘Black Masses’ (ritual), for example, are notably done at 3am, not midnight, so these dark rituals are done at this hour to provide again of strength to evil.

3am is also a distance enough from sunset-dusk to mornings dawn. Sunlight, even in small traces of UV and infrared from the sun can still be seen for well over an hour after sunset. But at 3am for example, a’new moon’ dark sky can leave a full cover of darkness. Darkness is
power to demons and evil spirits. And they prefer darkness as light can be unbearable to them. As we learn somewhat on our own, as children, to turn on a light to get rid of ‘monsters’. There is some truth in it. Because with lower demons especially, they are easily scared off by ‘positive’ things such as light being switched on from darkness.

While Devils on the other hand appear during daylight hours, turn blessed crucifixes upside down on a wall, etc. Beyond merely to disrespect, it is also a show of power as a boasting in “I CAN DO THIS!” or “This has no effect on me”, as to weaken the faith of those oppressed by them. Devils also like to make noise on what are considered Christian Holidays and ‘Holy Days’, such as Good Friday and Easter. This is just another way for them to show off power, disrespect Christianity, and to distract from the days meaning.

Which brings me to what some say goes beyond a symbolic ‘3’ as stated by others, is indeed a mockery of the ‘Holy trinity’. However, 3am still is a preferred time because of the above reasons more so. But 3 am is also time when heavens are opened and holy angels start roaming around the world to help people who pray.

Essentially, Transition often occurs at these hours of 3-4pm. In this,I’m referring to when demons increasing in numbers from infestation to oppression stages, or onto possession’s first stage.

So this time set is indeed the most “UNHOLY” time in the day. 3am is often a mile marker for these changes as they grow towards a more serious stage of a demonic haunting, say form an ‘infestation’ to an ‘oppression’ stage.

Christians are advised to pray hard during this times because the devil is roaring like lion ready to devour everything