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Who are real parents of Mzee Jomo kenyatta ? Leaked documents spark debate

Mzee Jomo Kenyatta is the first president in Kenya who led Kenya in the most important stage in history of Kenya. He played key role transiting from British Government Rule to indigenous Rule. He lead KANU until his death in 1978.

Kenyatta was a controversial figure. Prior to Kenyan independence, many of its white settlers regarded him as an agitator and malcontent, although across Africa he gained widespread respect as an anti-colonialist.


A controversial letter between two colonialists stating the late Mzee Jomo kenyatta is not of Kikuyu origin has sparked debate online.

The letter is dated 21st September 19 was shared by shared by Levin Opiyo on his Facebook page.The letter suggests he is of Abyssinian origin.

PHOTO: controversial Letter

Further details in the letter suggest that Mzee jomo kenyatta mother was kikuyu but his father was from Oromo community


A group of Kaya elders from Mijikenda community in the Coast have weighed into the debate claiming Mzee Kenyatta is not of Kikuyu origin.

In their Opinion, he was was of Digo parents.

During mau mau trials in 1952, Mzee kenyatta said he himself doesn’t know where he comes from

ā€œI do not know when I was born, what date, what month, or what year ā€” but I think I am over 50.ā€


Despite their narrative, historical records however, indicate that Mzee Kenyatta was born to Muigai and Wambui, both from Kiambu in 1880s.