SUMMARY 1: It was a while since Nathan and I had a f1ght. After the chic with a nice ass left the company Nathan was really behaving himself. We became closer as the days went by. I even let my guard down and was comfortable.One morning Nathan mentioned going to Eldoret to see a client, it was unlike him to mention it last minute and since I was on duty I couldn’t accompany him. I packed a bag for the weekend and off he left. He was driving down alone and I made sure he kept me updated on each stop he made, you know just for security purposes.I had a busy schedule so I kept missing his calls but he would text me when I couldn’t pick his calls. At around 4pm I was kinda free so I made a quick call to him. He picked my call with so much excitement “hello babe, free now? “Yes, finally. How is the journey? I asked. Before he could answer I heard someone sneeze. “Kwani ur not alone? I asked confused….And I heard a beep sound… “Hello… Hey…” I said. Checking my phone was the notice of call ended. I call back and he is mteja. Mmmhhh I thought.I called Mike, “hey, are you with Nathan? I asked before any greetings. “Nope, he went with… Oh he went alone” Mike said. I knew he lied cause there was hesitation in his voice…. now what the devil is this? I thought to myself. I tried calling Nathan and all I heard was….the number ur calling has been switched off. Saitan….

SUMMARY 2: I had an assignment that needed to be finished by 6pm but I couldn’t concentrate, my mind was on the sneeze I heard on the other end of the phone. I tried calling him over and over but he was still mteja. I started praying that the devil better be playing games with me. I mean we were doing too well for him to just spoil this. Or is he with someone that is why he told me last minute? Or maybe it’s just someone he was dropping off in Eldy. Heck, I had all this excuses. The day came to an end and I made my way to his place. I had partially moved in. Getting home and trying to call him and his cell was still off. Now I’m panicking, what if he was hijacked? What if he had an accident? I don’t think so. I tried sleeping that night but all I did was toss and turn in bed. I don’t know when I fell asleep but I woke up at 4am to a beep from my phone. It was a text from Nathan explaining what happened. Thank God he was fine and he had given a lift to a lady and her child who were friends of friends going to Eldy. Or so I thought…

SUMMARY 3 :Being busy really made me not notice the weekend passing by and soon it was Sunday when Nathan came back from Eldoret. I was having my afternoon nap when he came back. He looked tired when I opened the door for him. Hugs and k1ses.While he had a shower I was making dinner, soon we were having the meal together and off to bed he went. His bag was still unpacked. I decided to sort the clothes for cleaning tomorrow. As I unpacked his clothes I noticed his white shirt had some brown stain, like someone had leaned in too close and left some face powder on it. I didn’t bother about it. As I reached for the side pockets of his travel bag there it was lotion…. A bottle of used Nivea body lotion. Something I know Nathan doesn’t use. And it wasn’t new… What!!

SUMMARY 4 :I placed the lotion on the dressing table and went to bed. I woke up before him on Monday morning and he totally ignored the lotion bottle on the table and I said I will not ask. Most times we went to work with one car if I’m not working late. The drive to town was silent, we were just listening to music and I was catching up on my social media things. Slight jam on Valley road and I couldn’t take it I had to ask, “the Nivea lotion, is it urs”? I asked looking at him. He avoided my eye contact. “Nope, it’s for Chris” He said. “Who the fuck is Chris… I asked. “My client is called Chris Owino, he said. “I drove him yesterday morning before leaving Eldoret” He left it in the car and I put it in the side pocket when I got off the car” “He uses a woman’s lotion? I retorted. He looked confused by my question, and I stopped asking cause Nathan was not a good liar. I knew he had taken some chic for this trip. But I didn’t want to believe my own thoughts. So I brushes it off. Two weeks later, Nathan calls me to tell me they were going out with the boys for midweek drinks…

SUMMARY 5: I heard his struggle with the door at 4am. He was drunk like a skunk. I opened the door for him and he just fell on the sofa and blacked out. I took his shoes off and let him sleep there. I went thru his pockets and removed everything I cod find. Placed them on the table and off I went back to bed. Two steps up the stair and I heard him call out for Karen. I stood still… What did he just say? I went back. Nathan usually make a crazy confessions when drunk. I tried asking questions but he didn’t talk. Who is Karen? I took his cell and there it was. What I was looking for. Steamy text messages… Photos of Karen showing her strongholdsĀ  with and without a braa but no face yet…. What the hell????

SUMMARY 6 :I was surprised at how calm I was at that moment. I just smiled. From the looks of her body and b00bs, she was still a young chic. Or maybe I was wrong. The text messages were all st3amy. Heck I think that most nights when he came to bed with a boner it was all cause of Karen. I placed the cell down and went to bed. I woke up for work and left Nathan sleeping. I wasn’t gonna wake him up for jack. 11am and Nathan calls to ask me why I didn’t wake him up for work. “I thought Karen would wake you up…” And I hang up. He called me back immediately, I didn’t answer. He called about 6 times without me picking up. He sent me a text asking what I meant but I didn’t reply. Nathan knew when he was n mess. He usually sucka up. He came to town with him hangy, just to take me out and see my reaction. I smiles all thru our dinner date. He really waited for me to ask about Karen but I didn’t. Later that night I woke up and found all texts and photos from Karen have been deleted. Oh I should have sent them to my phone when I had the chance.

SUMMARY 7: Days went by and no texts from Karen. I think he used to delete them or maybe he kept his distance since I knew about her. One night Nathan came home late, it was 3am when I heard his car park. He made his way to bed but not before he called her… “I’m home babe, thank you for tonight. I love you too. Goodnight”. My heart misses several beats. He dressed down and got into bed. I could smell her scent on him. Oh Lord…what is this? I couldn’t sleep next to him. I slid out of bed and slept on the sofa. “You left me? That was what woke me up at 6am. “I was having a headache so I came to relax here but I must have fallen asleep” I said. Nathan explained how he had to be in Mombasa for a few days for work. I asked if I could tag along and he agreed….

SUMMARY 8: I knew I couldn’t make it to travel but I had a plan. We were to leave on Thursday afternoon but I lied to Nathan at the last minute so he could go alone. He agreed to my excuse and off he left for Mombasa. He called me the minute he landed and had checked in to his hotel. He kept calling me till late at night when I got home. Atleast I knew he was alone. Friday morning made my way to work. No communication from Nathan till around mid day when he called to explain that he’ll be mteja for a while since he is going sijui where with his client. Friday ended and I went home. Saturday and Sunday went by pretty fast and he was back. As usual when he got home he was tired. He showered and slept. I couldn’t wait for him to sleep. Rushed to his phone and his phone had a password. Like what???

SUMMARY 9: Weeks went by without any sign of Nathan talking or seeing Karen. I was confused on how I will get his password. It was my mission to get it. One Friday we decided to go out for drinks and that is when I knew I had my chance. We settled for drinks in Westy. I started complaining that my battery is low, and suddenly I switched my phone off. Nathan’s boys were to join us and he felt lazy walking in and out of the club to tell them where we were. I was delegated to that duty and voila the phone was unlocked. I didn’t want to seem excited but I knew this was my chance. I walked out of the club with his phone to make a call. I scrolled thru his texts and my oh my…there were too bad to handle. I went to his WhatsApp and photos and more shocking texts. I got mad, like what is he doing.There was a picture of how in beautifulĀ  lingerie… He had bought for her and she was showing him how it looks on how. What made me more mad is the mpesa messages to her. The money he was pouring to her….heck!!!I forwarded to my number the texts I knew would help me nail him. I made the phone call and went back in to the club. I was uneasy all night, I wanted to scream at him and slap him but I didn’t want him to know I knew. My mood just went from 100 to zero. He kept asking if I’m ok, and all I could do is give a fake smile. Weeks went by without me saying anything and Nathan kept showering her with gifts. Money, lunches…name it.I stopped eating him. I had excuses every time he touched me….

SUMMARY 10: I was torn on what to do to him. Should I just leave? Should I confront him and her… I didn’t know what to do. One night Nathan came home late, he was drunk. He crawled into bed and blacked out. His phone started vibrating in his pocket, I took it out and on the screen was ‘PYT’ changed from Karen’s. I picked it up and didn’t talk. I heard her say ‘hun, umefika? ‘Yes, amef…’ I didn’t finish before I heard the call disconnect. I tried to wake him up but he was dead asleep. I cried, I went down on my knees and prayed. I was so mad I couldn’t sleep. Morning took so long to get here. Finally I heard the birds chirping. I didn’t leave bed, Nathan woke up and I lied I was unwell. He left me in bed and went to work.I found the strength to leave bed. Took a shower, found a stool and got my suitcase from the upper locker.

SUMMARY 11: I packed my clothes. One by one I put them in my suitcase. I picked every damn thing I had in that house. I put everything in the car, left his house keys somewhere safe and I left. The drive to my parents house was long. It looked far. I got home and only the help was there. I locked myself in my room and slept. I was woken up by the vibration of my phone. It was Nathan calling. I didn’t pick up his call. I put my phone on silent and went back to sleep. I woke up at around 5pm to enough missed calls and texts from him.
I didn’t have the courage to talk to him. At around 8pm I got a text from him asking me where I was and where my things were. He had noticed that my things were missing. I told him that I made room for Karen his new catch.

SUMMARY 12 The calls started coming, “what do you want? I asked pissed. “I’m coming to see you right now” he said. “Whatever man” and I hang up. Two hours later Nathan was at the gate, he didn’t have the courage to come in so he bribed the watchie to call me outside. I took my time to go see him. I found him pacing up and down outside the gate.
He had a worried look, like he is trying to cook a story. I walked outside the gate and he already started giving his excuses. I listened and suddenly I got made. We fought and fought, he tried to lie as to who Karen was but I had all the evidence I needed.”Karen means nothing to me babe” he said. I knew he was lying, I mean everything he did for her meant something. “Have you eaten her? I asked. “Yes, but it meant nothing. He said. I just needed some off side fun, he confessed. Ok, continue having ur fun. I’m done. I walked back to the house. Nathan stayed out there for hours trying to talk to me. Heck he asked Karen to call me and talk to me. I had saved her number so I found her missed call…

FINAL SUMMARY I tried not to look at him but damn, he looked so good. I tried going a different direction from him but somehow I kept seeing him. He looked for me, and we ended up at one place. He grabbed my hand and took me aside. “I miss you” he said it so close to me I could hear his heart beat. I took a step back but I was at a dead end.
He moved in close to k1ss me, I swear I couldn’t resist it.Ā  And that was it. We left, went back to his place. There was no talking. It started from the car, I had missed his mtree. It started with ………….., next thing my bra was half way out. Next thing was me in his bed grabbing his sheets. Moaning and breathing heavily as I called his name. I was d1ckmatized. Morning came and I couldn’t face him. Heck, I’d have done the walk of shame than be there at that moment. I could see his sheepish smile from a far.
We didn’t talk much that morning, he took me to pick my car and off I went home smelling of shame.It became our routine, to just meet and have fun. Never did we once ever talk about Karen until later on. When he explained and confessed everything to me. Karen was not in his life anymore, they never talked again after I left him.

And that is how I went back to dating Nathan. Fin!!!