You need to be vigilant, so you can void becoming the “side chick.” Do you think you’re dating someone who’s dating other people? Here are some signs you might be right.

1 He does not want to make it official

This is usually the first red flag that will signal to you that you are the side chick in a relationship. If you have been dating the guy for some time, but he refuses to put a stamp on the relationship, it is probably because he has another woman, or he is still playing the field.

Anytime you bring up the conversation, and he replies with the usual answers like ” I don’t believe in labels” or ” let’s not rush into things.” You must understand that it is his way of saying that he is not interested in a serious relationship with you.

2 He does not introduce you to his friends and family

Let us, for a moment, forget the parents. Guys love to show off. So, if you are his main chick, he will love to introduce you to his close friends and watch their reactions. He will ask you to hang out with them and have fun. So, if he does not even get you to meet his friends, then it is a visible sign that he wants to keep you a secret.

Therefore, you must take it as a sign that he only considers you like a chick on the side and does not see a long-term relationship with you.

3 He does not take you on dates

Going on dates is an opportunity for couples to get to know each other. They probably watch a movie playing at a theatre nearby or hang out in a mall or go to an amusement park. The point of all these being spending quality time together.

4 Watch his phone habits

If your is guy is overprotective about his phone, keeps it on silent, or hides the screen while texting, then he is checking all the wrong boxes. Any guy who is dating more than one woman will keep his phone close to his heart.

5 He always comes over

If you are still playing the host on date nights, it might be because you are the side chick. He feels safe within the four corners of your house.

6 He does not open up

When a guy falls head over heels for a girl, he often makes plans for the future. He asks her opinion on matters relating to his life, family, and work. This is because he considers her to be an integral part of his life.

7 He forgets little things

You’ve shared your life with him. You’ve opened up and told him your hopes and dreams. And what has he done with that information? Forgotten it. He constantly asks the same questions and doesn’t even try to remember your best friend’s name. He doesn’t care enough about you to remember facts and details of your life. That’s a sign you’re not important to him!

8 He keep you happy with bear minimum

He knows to keep you, you have to stay interested in him. That’s why he showers you with compliments and that million-dollar smile of his. The second you start to distant yourself is when he acts interested. He understands how women think and he’s not afraid to use his knowledge to manipulate you.