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Uhuru kenyatta’s leaked top secret he has hiding from public

President Uhuru Kenyatta is the current head of state in Kenya. He and his Deputy President rose against all odds and formed a coalition that became unbeatable in the previous two general election. Before president, he served as the Member of Parliament for Gatundu South from 2002 to 2013.

Presidents and top politicians are highly protected and no so much about their private life is known. There are several reasons why all this things are kept secret.


Have you ever seen president Uhuru ill or sick since he took office ? of course not. Here is why

The Constitution provides, in express terms, that the President, as well as the deputy and all civil officers, may be impeached on grounds of incapacity to serve. These can as result of failing health of the person in power.

There are also chances that state security may be be compromised when the failing health of a president becomes public knowledge.

Taking into account that one of the provision of removing an incumbent is pegged on failing health, the president’s health is often kept a secret because it could be used by opposition to work against him.

Secrets about president health are not new. The late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta suffered a heart condition that was kept secret in 1968. Te president eve refused to be fitted with a heart pacer after suffering mild stroke. As a result, Mzee Jomo kenyatta always had a team of nurses in an ambulance fitted with oxygen tanks following him “just in case.”

Mzee jomo kenyatta also suffered eyesight problems but he preferred his speeches written in large fonts than be caught wearing eyeglasses. This was a threat to his presidency if it became known to public.

in 1996, the late president nearly caused a standstill in Kenya when he went for cataract operation in Israel. This is because the news broke to the public and senior government officials panicked. Such situations according to security agencies in Kenya should be avoided.

The Kibaki family kept the health of former First Lady Mama Lucy Kibaki under wraps, and even when she was in critical condition at the Nairobi Hospital, the public was informed that she was making ‘improved recovery’. She died shortly after being flown to Bupa Cromwell Hospital, England, in April 2016.

Retired President Kibaki’s health problems have been traced to the near-fatal accident he was involved in while on his campaign trail in the run-up to the 2002 General Election, and which explains his   laboured gait. He also suffered memory lapses as Daniel Branch writes in Kenya: Between Hope and Despair 1963-2011, such that on his official tour of the US at the start of his presidency in 2003, he introduced all members of his entourage as “Francis Muthaura,” who was then head of the civil service and secretary to the cabinet.