If you’re anything like me, then you probably have a whole list of weird things you only do when you’re alone, and then another list of even weirder things you only do when you’re alone in the bathroom.

Personally, when I think about how little alone time most women get to enjoy on a daily basis, between working, socializing, commuting, and running errands, it makes me feel like the weird stuff women do when they’re in the bathroom alone isn’t really that weird at all.

Here are crazy things women do in bathroom

1 Staring at own behind

think it’s pretty ridiculous how much I look at my own behind in bathroom mirrors, but I’m pretty sure this is something most women do.

2. Respond To Online Messages While We’re On The Toilet

3.Make Crazy Faces In The Bathroom Mirror

always check out my face before I leave the bathroom, and I think that’s perfectly normal

4. Fart super loud

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being able to fart super loud in the privacy of an empty women’s room

5. Swirling your hairs around on the shower tiles to make lovely/gross patterns.

6. Pulling insane gymnastic shapes in the shower while trying to shave your legs or other parts.

7.Attempt, and often fail, to turn off the bath tap with your toe.

8 Try to shake yourself dry after you pee and there’s no toilet paper, even though it leaves a bit of pee on your underwear.

9. Use triple the amount of conditioner compared to shampoo, so that you never finish them at the same time.

10. Convince yourself that no matter how tightly shut your eyes, a bit of shampoo has gotten into your eye.

11.Pull the ugliest faces possible just to see what you look like.

12. Pull out some crazy dance moves.

13. Cry and just cry out like crazy

14. check the period flow Women in their period use the bathroom to cleanse themselves.