Do you want your smartphone to serve you for a long time? And sometimes it doesn’t matter at all what model you have – an expensive device from Apple or some budget “Chinese”; what operating system is on your phone – Android, iOS or something else.

The desire to save money is quite normal when it comes to such devices. However, batteries are often the first to “die” in smartphones. And now we are already starting to carry a charger with us, buying power banks.

1 The brightness of your smartphone screen is set to maximum

Among all the smartphone resources that “devour” the battery charge, the backlight of the screen is usually the most energy-consuming. To save power, you can almost completely remove the screen backlight, but this is not very convenient – in the end, convenience remains an essential criterion for using these devices.

2 The phone is constantly looking for an available wi-fi network

An affordable wi-fi network instead of a mobile Internet is a good thing, and it also saves a lot of money. But as soon as you start leaving the network on all the time, the charge on your battery will begin to melt inevitably and very quickly.

3 Notifications come throughout the day

Think for a second what your phone does all day long if you don’t use it too much. That’s right – constantly receives notifications. In this case, the screen continually lights up; the smartphone vibrates, sound signals are played, and so on. And are you still surprised that your smartphone battery runs out before the evening?

A constant stream of notifications drastically shortens the life of your device’s battery. Moreover, what is typical, the vibration mode drains the battery faster than the usual sound notifications.

4 A large number of running background applications

Backlighting the screen and searching for a wi-fi network “gobble up” the top part of your smartphone’s battery, but these beautiful options are not the only ones that quickly drain the battery.

If you look in the “Settings” section for what else is using up your battery, you will be surprised to learn that a significant part of the energy is spent on maintaining applications that you rarely use or do not use at all.

5 You’re just wasting battery power

This is from the category of stupid and irrational actions that mercilessly drain the battery of your smartphone. For example, you check the weather forecast a dozen or two times a day, record your location in Google Maps, check notifications in programs such as Twitter or Whatsapp. However, you have not received a corresponding sound signal.

6 Data and apps sync automatically

Synchronizing applications with personal data is very convenient; no one disputes. However, the automatic synchronization of various applications, the constant exchange of data , photos, and more is not the best idea, as long as you are concerned about extending your smartphone’s battery life.

7 You are using outdated software

Many reasons explain the need to keep the smartphone operating system and several applications up to date. And here is another reason, which may be due to the presence of problems with the lifespan of your phone’s battery:

Updating the operating system or applications is necessary for the simple reason that updates usually fix so-called software bugs (that is, bugs) that can harm battery life.

8 You are using your phone in extreme temperature conditions

Modern technical devices can be modelled so that they will feel quite comfortable in severe frost and terrible heat. However, the cost of such devices will be exorbitant. Therefore, we have to make do with smartphones with rechargeable batteries, which are sensitive to external temperature changes.