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The Romantic Message Pastor Ng’ang’a Received that almost Ruined his Marriage

Pastors just like other spiritual leaders are very important people in our churches today. They are tasked with leading the congregation spiritually.

However, it is not always easy for the anointed Men of God who have to deal with temptations from Body desires from the very sheep they lead. Some of them have always failed this test and engaged themselves in the ungodly act.

Apostle James Maina Ng’ang’a of the Neno Evangelism Centre recently opened up about facing temptations from┬áchurch women and how his wife ran away from their marital┬áhome on┬áseveral occasions. His did this a YouTube video

He married Mercy Murugi in 2012 after death of her first wife. In was difficult in the first years of marriage because he could receive romantic texts from unknown people, some of which threatened his marriage.

“There is a day I came and found out that she had packed all her clothes and ran away from home. My phone usually created more issues between us. I remember one day in Naivasha, a text message reading ‘Thank you for the good night we had yesterday’. ” Ng’ang’a was quoted saying.

He opened up and gave the text message for his wife to read first because he feared if she found it herself, it could be different issue. Even after giving her to read the text by herself, it was still a problem but they created trust between each other as time went by.

The two had to change their phone numbers as texts and calls from suitors and ‘marriage spoilers’ were rampant. pastor Ng’ang’a also removed security pins from his phone and to confronted the callers in the presence of his wife, to build up trust between them.