Rivarly between Kenyan president Uhuru kenyatta and Ugandan counterpart Yoweri Museveni has taken another dimension after latest developments. In a memo to president uhuru, museveni has advised him to start preparing concession speech early because he is likely to lose in 2017 elections.Museveni and Raila are sworn political enemies and do not see eye-to-eye. During the 2007 post-election violence, Museveni blamed Raila after ODM hoodlums vandalised the railway line in Kibera. But he has now defied all odds to throw his weight behind opposition to clinch the highly coveted seat.

Kenya has enjoyed strained relationships with Ugandan in recent years having disagreed in many occasions. Few years ago Museveni claimed that Uganda extends to nakuru, he accused former president Mzee jomo kenyatta for grabbing the land.

Sources say Museveni is not happy with the Jubilee administration for sidelining Uganda over some multibillion deals. The Standard Gauge Railway has remained a bone of contention where Uganda believes Kenyans and Chinese contractors made billions but sidelined Uganda. Museveni is said to have referred to Kenyans as “a corrupt nation which cannot be trusted in any business deal”

The pipeline project is another matter where Uhuru and Museveni have differed. To show how much Museveni does not trust Uhuru, at one point, Kenya abandoned negotiations with Uganda for a single pipeline project because the talks dragged on for long that had paralysed preparations for the construction of Kenya’s oil pipeline.Sources say at one time, Uhuru invited Museveni to State House with the hope of reviving the mutual talks on the pipeline after they had stalled. Uhuru is said to have stood his ground that Kenya would embark on the construction of the Lamu-Lokichar pipeline while Uganda would build the other pipeline through Tanzania.

The devastating defeat of Foreign Affairs CS Amina Mohammed during the recent election of AU Commission chairperson has also left the relationship between Kenya and Uganda frosty. Kenya felt betrayed and some reports quoting Amina said Kenya wanted its neighbour Uganda investigated for betraying their fellow member of EAC.Sources say being a member of East African Community, Uganda was expected to stand in solidarity with the Kenyan candidate but apparently did not. Uganda has, however, dismissed betrayal allegations as baseless.

We have information that when Uhuru first threatened to withdraw Kenyan soldiers from South Sudan and Museveni hurriedly called on him not to withdraw but considering that the two were not in very good terms, Uhuru went ahead and made good of his threat. This did not, however, go down well with Museveni.

it can also be recalled that Kenya and ugandan have been fighting over Migongo islands for some time now and no solution has been found yet.

The Kenyan authorities have been claiming that Ugandan soldiers have been harassing Kenyans and Uganda counter terrorism police and Uganda Revenue Authority officers at Busia and Malaba border points are overstepping the line.

Uhuru and Museveni had signed a trade deal that would see cheap sugar imports from Uganda into Kenya. The deal was rejected by local political leaders who described it as sour and tasteless with the potential to kill the local industry with Mumias Sugar Company ailing today. Museveni is said to have been hurt when Uhuru easily bowed to pressure more so from his sworn political enemy Raila to scuttle the sugar deal.

At one time, Uhuru came under scathing attack not only from Kenya but from other states after he made an unusual step of congratulating Museveni in a controversial election victory. It was the first time Uhuru had been quick in acknowledging election results, even as other leaders in the East African region kept their thoughts to themselves.

Museveni is also said not to be in good books with William Ruto. During Uganda’s last elections, Ruto campaigned for Museveni in Uganda but sources say Museveni did not like it more so, after word leaked out that Ruto had collected money from Kenyan businessmen and politicians to support Museveni’s campaign kitty but the money did not reach him.