Mustafa of the mother in law Citizen TV show is the ‘Leso’ wearing character that plays the cook. The Mother in law actor real name is Andrew Muthure, but his friends call him ‘Dru’. He has been acting on Mother in Law for more than ten years now. Initially, before we started seeing Mustafa on TV, he used to be a star doing comedy at Phoenix Theatres.


1. He got his first girlfriend while in class 8

Sorry ladies, this talented actor is already taken. What is interesting, however, is the stage of life he started dating.

“Believe it or not, I had my first girlfriend while I was in class 8 and she was in form two. For some reason in my childhood, I liked dating older girls. Well, fast forward, here I am dating an amazing woman and I am also blessed with a beautiful daughter who is now eight years old from a past relationship.”

However, Mustafa and the mother of his daughter are still good friends even after deciding to part ways.

2. He was not born in Mombasa

“Back in the day, together with my friends, we spoke a language code-named ‘Engsh’ – a combination of English and Sheng and some little Swahili. Because of my Coastal accent, many people assume that I was born and raised in the Coastal region but this is not so,” said Mustafa.

3. Mustafa Hustled long for his Radio Job

The fifth fact about Mustafa is that his job at Hot 96 FM did not fall on his laps and he had to hustle for close to 12 years for it. According to the popular actor, he went for several radio interviews without any success when finally one day he got a call back from Hot 96 Fm. Mustafa started his radio job in 2015 after emerging the best candidate in a second round interview.

4. He pursued a degree in Marketing : “At African Nazarene University, I undertook a degree in marketing so that I could have the university papers to show. My heart has always been focused on things to do with radio and television,” he said.

“When I was going to the university, acting was not considered as a career and there were no film schools at all. At that time, only two universities were offering theater studies.”

5. He worked as an assistant director on Makutano JunctionTV drama

“It has been 9 years since I joined Mother-In-Law. Before then, I joined Makutano Junction TV drama as an assistant director. It is then that that someone told me about Mother-In-Law and I decided to audition. After two auditions, I was selected as part of the actors.”

Mustafa who plays a role of a chef in one of the Citizen TV’s local productions Mother-In-Law, was recently hired by the station after he emerged the best candidate. Mustafa has proved that indeed patience and hard work pays and soon you will be listening to him live on air at the decorated radio station.

mother in law actor mustafa with daughter