According to a report told by a woman in the United States, her husband committed suicide after he was harassed and framed by his buddies.

The woman talked about her trip to Zambia in 2012, when she met her spouse, Sylvester Mumba.

Six months after her trip ended, she began dating Mumba and returned to Zambia for a month to be with him. Zambians outside of Zambia are envious of one another, according to a painful love story told by a US woman in Zambia

When she went on vacation to Livingstone, Zambia in 2012, she claims to have met Sylvester Mumba. Sylvester used to sell wooden products at Livingstone’s Mukuni park, where the park is located. He was a licensed woodworker with a focus on the design and construction of contemporary woodcrafts for a living.

I was an unhappy 23-year-old single woman when I met him. When I was feeling down, I’d dial Sylvester’s number. It was common for us to have nonstop chats that would last for hours. Despite his weak command of the English language, I understood everything he said. We were intended for each other since only I could decipher His poor English.

We started dating again six months later. I used the money I’d saved working as a Host at a Steakhouse to fly back to Zambia and see Sylvester. I purchased a plane ticket through a travel agency. The round-trip fare was $1,357 USD at the time.

After I landed in Zambia, we were married in less than a month. I then travelled to Zambia and left him there after the wedding. To help me with Sylvester’s visa application, I contacted an Immigration attorney back home in the States. After receiving his green card, Sylvester came to live in the United States in May of that year. Another American wedding took place, but this one was for us. For a long time, we’d been deeply in love.

Our relationship was going well. Even though he was unemployed, I was able to help him secure a job at Target and purchase a car so he could travel around more conveniently. As time passed, he became more like the locals and his mastery of the English language increased. In addition, he made friends with a group of Zambians living in the United States, and the two communities eventually amalgamated.

As time went on, we began to attend functions sponsored by the American-Zambian community. The game between the Zambian national soccer team and the Japan national soccer team was spectacular, and I was fortunate enough to be in attendance in Tampa, Florida. After the soccer game, we went to a party where we talked to the players and other guests.

I’ve attended a number of Zambian independence celebrations organized by the local Zambian community in Atlanta. According to my observations, Zambians in the United States like gossiping about their friends who are doing well in life, while the reverse is also true.

They’d say he married me out of obligation rather than love because he was desperate and had no other choice (Green card).

In the long run, I found out from people in the Zambian community that he was only using me to earn his green card and would be leaving the country in ten years, at the earliest.

His Male Friends frequently contacted me, pleading for love or requesting that we split and get married instead. In the end, it didn’t matter what other people thought of me

He had enormous significance for me. He had captured my heart. Until this day, I’ve never understood why Zambians who have emigrated to other countries harbor such jealousies. My step-sister is descended from a huge Nigerian family as a result of her marriage to a Nigerian man.

Because the rumor spread by the Zambians living in the United States was damaging our marriage, Sylvester and I decided to cut ties with them. In June of this year, we were ecstatic until Sylvester was arrested on suspicion of drug possession. He went out drinking with a couple of his closest Zambian buddies.

Everybody sighed as the clock approached twelve o’clock. For reasons best known to himself, Sylvester was in charge of picking up and dropping off his friends at their different addresses across town. And he was arrested after a police cruiser pulled him up while he was going home from picking up his friends (Police Car). He was caught after his friends sneaked cocaine into his car and then told the cops about

As a result of his acts, he was captured in June and sent back to Zambia. It was a little over a month ago. My greatest efforts failed to stop his deportation for four months because of the new, more stringent immigration restrictions put in place by the new administration.

Even the smallest infractions can lead to deportation. Since he was arrested, his friends have been pleading with me to go out with them. Sylvester had just returned from a three-week trip abroad when he committed suicide.”