What SACCOs offer the highest dividends in Kenya ? in kenya there are so many SACCOs but there those that stand out as the best


1.mwalimu national SACCO – Mwalimu national SACCO is one of the largest SACCOs in kenya and Africa with members drawn from different parts of country. It is one of SACCOs offering stable and high dividends ranging from 10-13 %

2. Gusii Mwalimu SACCO– It is a teachers SACCO majorly in south Nyanza ie in Kisii . Majority of the teachers are primary school teachers. They offer really good dividends ranging from 10-13% . The last time it was 12%

3. Imarisha SACCO– It is SACCO with its roots in south Rift . It is majorely in Kericho and Bomet but expanding to different regions like eldoret. It was formerly known as Kipsigis SACCO. It has really good dividends ranging from 10-13%

4. Imarika SACCO – It is SACCO with its roots with coastal region of Kenya. it offers really good dividends

5. New fortis SACCONew Fortis Sacco, formerly known as Nyeri Teachers Savings and Credit Co-operative Society, emerged the Best Managed Co-operative Nationally . It really offers good dividends ranging from 10-13%

6. Bingwa SACCO Bingwa Sacco Ltd formerly Kirinyaga tea Growers Sacco was initially registered on July 1984 being the 1st tea growers Sacco in the republic of Kenya. it offers good dividends for members

7. Kenya Police SACCO – Kenya Police Sacco Dividends. Arguably one of the best SACCO’s in Kenya today. Kenya Police SACCO has scooped numerous awards and has emerged in the past as the highest dividend payer in the public sector.

8. Stima SACCO – it is one of biggest SACCOs in kenya in terms of membership with over 100k members countrywide. It offers competitive dividends for members

9. Ollin SACCO -one of highest dividend payers at 11.5%

10. Safaricom SACCO – one of highest dividends payers ranging from 9-12%

11. Sheria SACCO – One of SACCOs paying high dividend to members

12. Winas Sacco Limited (formerly Embu Teachers Sacco)
In 2016, Winas Sacco paid members dividend of 12.2 per cent on shares and 12.5 on deposits.