Rev Kathy Kiuna is a singer, worship leader and an associate pastor at JCC Parklands.


Reverend Cathy Kiuna of Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) opened up about her past life during an Interview on the One -on -One segment of Citizen TV news. Kathy Kiuna, wife to Bishop Allan Kiuna was hosted by Lilian Muli  and got to share personal details about her life including her past.

She responded to a question regarding her past life saying she was once a club-goer who frequented the Carnivore club almost daily and regarded as the black sheep of the family. “I have lived the life, I did not drop from heaven, I even got a child when I was 21, three years before I got married” she added.

Despite being in the spotlight as the perfect power couple, Kathy said their marriage experiences fights just like a normal relationship. Kathy, who is also a visionary of the Daughters of Zion ministry at JCC Parklands, shared advice to couples in marriages regarding domestic violence


She is happily married to Bishop Allan Kiuna and they have 3 children. Vanessa Kovac first born, Stephanie and their only son Jeremy.

Their youngest son, Jeremy Kiuna, was born with cerebral palsy, a permanent movement disorder that appears in early childhood. He was born six months premature, but he still fought so much as a young boy.

Years down the line, he’s all grown up and still grateful for how far he has come.

Jeremy is a quiet child and he rarely speaks about his condition, but he took this opportunity to share with the world details of his surgery and what he’s most grateful for.

“Going through what I’ve been through in my life isn’t the best. Some days I mess up, some days I do the best I can. June 1, 2016, was my first surgery ever in my entire life. It was crazy because I needed the surgery to be able to walk and I finally got the opportunity God gave me and I’m happy,” Jeremy revealed.

He continued: “So people, this is from my heart. Please spread love to anyone and everyone. I want all my followers, friends and family to do this. Some people really need love. My life is not the best but with love anything is possible.”

His mother was so proud of him as she shared his story on social media. She went ahead to praise his bravery, saying: “My son sent this [referring to a video] and it just made me see how so mature he’s become. He has a large heart that can accommodate everyone. May God enlarge his territory.”

Jeremy believes he’s truly favoured by God and his situation could be worse, but he’s managing one day at a time.

Allan and Kathy Kiuna: We were auctioned and slept on the floor for a year

Despite all odds, Bishop Allan and Reverend Kathy Kiuna have continued to display unity in their marriage.

Bishop Allan Kiuna is the general overseer and founder of Jubilee Christian Church and Rev Kathy Kiuna, who works under the leadership of her husband, is a gospel musician and founder of the Daughters of Zion Ministry.

According to Allan, he and Kathy and met by divine ordination. He was serving in the Faith Evangelistic Ministry and Kathy would sing at the ministry once in a while. One day, during a lunch hour prayer meeting, Allan was making a phone call to his mother at a booth outside Charter Hall.

“I saw Kathy, and suddenly, something was stirred up on my inside,” he says. “Immediately I saw her, there and then, I knew this was my lifetime partner. I knew that she was the right woman for me and the fact that we became very good friends made it easy for me. Moreover, when my spiritual authority Rev. Teresia Wairimu saw her, she approved of her.”

Allan put his mum on hold, and asked Kathy out for lunch but she turned down the offer. Later, she agreed to go for a cup of tea at Utalii Hotel.

“From the day we met, our relationship was godly. My husband took the leadership role and made it clear that there would be no inappropriate hugs and touching, no cuddling, no kissing. We endeavoured to value and esteem each other highly,” Kathy says.

Kathy had a daughter from a previous relationship but Allan was not put off by that. Allan proposed less than a year after they met and they were married shortly thereafter. They have been married for 22 years since December 10, 1994. The say their wedding was simple but fabulous.

“Having been brought up in a broken home, at first I had mixed feelings but the fact that I was marrying a friend and the right person ordained for me by God, gave me the courage and boldness to look forward to our marriage. I was excited,” Allan says.

Since then the Kiuna’s have learned that to be happy in marriage, you must put God first and then your spouse. “Not even your children should take the place of your spouse,” Allan says. They have also worked hard at remaining friends, being committed to the institution of marriage and to one another.

But they have had their fair share of ups and downs. One of their most challenging times as a couple was when they lost all their earthly belongings.

“We were auctioned, lost everything and had to be housed by a widow. We had to sleep on the floor for a year, our children were out of school and we were completely down and out. It was very humiliating,” Allan says.

The tide has since changed for the Christian power couple. “We moved from renting to ownership of both the Church premises and our residence. And our biological children have made us proud parents. Our first born Vanessa is 26 years, a lawyer and happily married, Steph is 21 and an architect and Jeremy, 16, is in high school,” Kathy says.

Their expensive lifestyle often draws comments from Kenyans on social media and public scrutiny is something the family has had to learn to live with. Kathy says they have taken it in their stride: “Dogs never bark at parked cars. So, the fact that people talk means that we are doing something worth talking about. Nobody high up in life will waste their time talking about someone below them. And I am certain that there are many lives that have been transformed through my ministry and this helps me forge ahead.”


Kathy kiuna ministry is one of the richest in kenya and money id not problem

Kathy Kiuna is arguably the most stylish and richest pastor in the kenya. Residing in Runda, one of the places where the rich stay, “Mum”, as she is commonly known by her followers has managed to earn both ardent fans and haters for the longest time she has been in this church business. But despite that, all these have never deterred her from spreading the gospel. Just recently, Kathy Kiuna left many mouths wide open after she took to social media to confess her love for children.

Bishop Allan Kiuna and his wife Reverend Kathy Kiuna are among Kenya’s wealthiest pastors.

The couple run the Jubilee Christian Church in Nairobi with 15 Kenyan branches and five international churches.


She is happily married to bishop Allan kiuna

in 2016 , there was bad rumour going the rounds that there is trouble at the Jubilee Christian Church (JCC), that Bishop Allan Kiuna could be cheating on his wife.

according to a report by Tuko, the situation is so bad that Kathy Kiuna flew out of their matrimonial home on realising his husband’s philandering ways.

TUKO later apologized on the story and it was sought from unreliable information

We highly regret the grave damage the article caused to the reputation of Allan Kiuna, his wife Kathy Kiuna, their children, and the entire JCC ministries congregation.

Is kathy kiuna Illuminati / devil worship ? well people accuse her of being rich and extravagant but no evidence to prove he is Illuminati


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