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Powerful singer proposes to marry Uhuru kenyatta daughter Ngina

A Kisii singer and rapper known Raj Okemwa has caused Stir Online Declaring his Love for President Uhuru Daughter Ngina kenyatta. The Singer now wants president approval to date and marry her beautiful daughter after releasing a song declaring her love for her. Here is song in YouTube.

Speaking over the same , Raj said the one thing he would love from President Uhuru Kenyatta is his approval for him to date and marry his daughter.

“I would want to ask for his blessings, aniambie tu nijitetee. I would like him to be OK with it,” he said.

“My dad would be delighted, plus my mum is very religious,” he said.

Raj is not the only man who has his eyes on Ngina. In April, a Chinese man identified as Zhe Fang Liu, a photographer and a tourist, declared his love for the damsel.


He is Kenyan Rapper Raj Okemwa is Rapper who hails from Kisii.

His real name is Rajiv, named after Rajiv Gandhi, an Indian Prime Minister who was assassinated a few years before he was born.

The very first time he came to Nairobi was in 2011.

He is University of Nairobi Graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics

He is a Alumni of Friend’s School Kamusinga.

He is Staunch SDA church follower.

Raj learnt how to produce music off of You Tube tutorials starting 2012.