Africa is really developing well averagely. We looked at richest countries in Africa and now have highlighted poorest countries in Africa.


Here is the ranking top 10 poorest countries in Africa basing on International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Gross Domestic Product per Capita which is a measure of a country’s purchasing power in international markets. Highly populated countries translate to low GDP according to reports

1. Mali- This is the poorest country in Africa. It is also called Warm Heart of Africa. it has GDP per capital at $220. This is really very low hence least developed country in Africa.

2. Burundi – It is one of the poorest countries in africa. This is because of weak infrastructure, poor education services, weak access to health, corruption and more important hunger. It has GDP per capital at $270

3. Central republic of Africa- it has population of 5 million.  It is among poorest in africa. GDP per capita is $330

4. Gambia – This is mainly Islamic Country is among the poorest countries in Africa. It has population of around 2 million and GDP per capita at $370. As a result this is poorest Islamic/Arabic country in Africa.

5. Niger – This country has also majority of Muslim community but income in not enough to fulfill even basic needs. The main reason is that 80percent of Niger is desert. GDP per capital is $420

6. Liberia – According to reports, before the civil wars of this country, Liberia was such a developed country but these wars not only destroyed the economy of the country but also caused more 500,000 deaths. as a result it is among poorest countries in Africa. GDP per capita stands at $460

7. Madagascar- This is an island ranked 4th largest in the world. It lowly developed mostly due to political instability. Due to this, it is number 7 in poorest countries in Africa It has GDP per capita of $470.

8. Democratic Republic of  Congo( DRC)- It is the fourth largest population in Africa with 80million population. GDP per capita is $490.

9. Ethiopia – it is among poorest countries in Africa.  it has one of largest populations in  Africa with over 100million inhabitants. it has GDP per capita income at $510.

10. Guinea Bissau- While equatorial guinea is among the richest countries in Africa, Guinea Bissau is in top 10 poorest countries in Africa.It has a GDP per capita at $560.