Patricia kihoro is a Kenyan singer, songwriter, actress, radio and reality television personality. She rose into prominence after she participated in the third season of Tusker Project Fame


patricia was born on 21st January 1986 in Nairobi county .

” I am an avid reader, and can disappear very deeply into books. Lately, over the past three or four years I’ve found I’ve been getting very deeply attached to characters in the books I read. So much so that most times I cry when I’m done, subsequently finding it hard to start another, and getting sad about it when I’m done, repeating the cycle until I feel as though I’ve lost a ton of friends. I miss, very deeply, my darlings Rumi, Shams, Kafka, Harry Potter, Oskar Schell, Toru Okada, Sherine Khalil, Ifem, the list goes on and on and on. Anyone who can help with that, please do.
I am a lover of people, spending time with friends and family, but occasions such as those are far and in between. I suffer some form of social anxiety that has me doubt people’s desire to have me around them and I’m not keen to ask them directly about it. The older I get, the less time I spend around people, so I suspect I’ll be here a lot more.” says patricia kihoro


she attended Shepherd’s Junior Primary School for her primary school and later moved on to Moi Girls’ High School, Nairobi. After her O levels, she enrolled in Moi University in the school of Science and psychology. While in Moi University, she opted to audition for the third season of Tusker Project Fame


“My professional acting career began in 2004, when I first graced the Kenya National Theatre stage with Sterling Quality Entertainment in their production, ”Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat”. I played six multiple roles in the production, and was the narrator’s understudy. Musical theater put two of my favourite interests; singing and acting, in one space, creating the perfect balance for my performance experience. The following year I worked with Sterling Quality again on their next production, ”Malaika”, taking on a principle role, “Kiki”.

While a Psychology student at Moi University, I was cast in “From Your Side of the Family”, a collaboration between the Moi University Creative Arts Department and the Heartstrings theatre company. I later worked in “Rainqueen”, a musical production by Sungod Theatricals, staged at the Braeburn Theatre.

My introduction to television came when I was cast as “Petronilla ‘Pet’ Nanjala” on the Mnet production, “Changes“, after I was approached by the show’s editor during a live performance with my former reggae band, “The Rude Boys” in 2008. I was directed to the auditions, and was immediately cast. I quickly quit my night job at a call centre, and dove head first into the production. I have since appeared in the second season as a principle character, and made a cameo in the third as a musical performer.

I have gone on to work on several TV productions, playing “Mona” on the“Demigods” pilot, directed by Benjamin Odiwuor for Maxpot Media; “Aisha” on “Sauti”, directed by Wanuri Kahiu for Awali Productions, “Nana” on the “Rush” pilot, directed by Neil Schell, “Bisquit”, in the 1st and 2nd seasons of Groove Theory, Africa’s first ever musical TV series as wells season 14 of Makutano Junction.

My first role in a short film came in early 2012, where I played “Juliette” in “Miss Nobody”, which highlights the squandering of AIDS funding by so called NGOs. The film earned me a Kalasha Award Nomination for Best Actress against Nigerian actress Rita Dominic in 2012. I was once again nominated for the 2014 Kalasha Awards, in The Best Lead Actress category in a Drama series, “Groove Theory“.

My second stint in film was a short science fiction film, “Homecoming” set in Nairobi, in which I was a principal character alongside 2 male leads. The film was directed by Jim Chuchu and was produced by Wanuri Kahiu and Idil Ibrahim for Awali Productions. The film has since gone on to show at various festivals worldwide, premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), and going on to show at the Durban, Rotterdam, San Fransisco International Film Festivals, and the Luxor African Film Festival, where I represented the film.

I have also starred in an unnamed short film directed by Hawa Essuman for the Tate Museum; another, “There’s Nothing To Do In Nairobi“, directed by Liam Acton for Riyo Films, as well as Ng’endo Mukii‘s directorial debut, “The Teapot“.

I have featured in various dramatized music videos for popular Kenyan musicians such as Just A Band’s “Ha-He” video, which was Kenya’s first viral video; “If I Could”, also by Just A Band; Muthoni The Drummer Queen’s “Mikono Kwenye Hewa”; Sauti Sol’s award winning “Coming Home” video and South African Artist, Tumi Molekane’s “Hello Kitty.” says patricia kihoro

As a singer, I am best remembered for my time on Tusker Project Fame 3, where I was a finalist, and also for being one of the Tusker All Stars in 2011. I have been providing vocals for various artists and advertising campaigns, both voice overs and jingles, for years and have shared numerous stages with renowned musicians such as Just A Band, K.S.Mbugua, Aaron Rimbui, Harry Kimani as well as American Jazz great, Gerald Albright. I have also performed in Norway on a 6 gig tour with talented Norwegian tap guitarist, Ole Staveteig in 2011.

In late 2012, I embarked on a multi country tour through Europe, running from September to December 2012, as part of the amazing cast of a musical production, “Out Of Africa: A Safari through Magical Kenya”. The production showcased the beauty and magic of Kenya’s people and culture, through song and dance, featuring various Kenyan artists, and was produced by Peter Ultee Productions and Meerkat Productions in partnership with the Kenya Tourism Board.

In early 2013, I participated in a reality show, “The Fattening Room”, which was filmed in Nigeria. It was a modern take on an age old Nigerian tradition to “fatten” girls when they are ready for marriage. The show included various challenges most of which I won.

Later, In the same year, I successfully wrote, directed and produced my own stage show, “Life in the Single Lane”, a narrative involving interactive storytelling, acting and singing. The show has sold out on all six separate occasions that it has been put up, and has been touted as a refreshing, highly entertaining and rib cracking show. I am also part of the comedic cast of “Because You Said So”;a hilarious comedy improvisation show ran by Jason Runo which runs every two months. says patricia kihoro

I worked on radio as a news anchor on Kenya’s first exclusively local and African Urban music station, One Fm between 2010 and 2012 and left the station to embark on the Europe tour. reveals patricia kihoro

I am now back on radio on HBR 103.5 hosting a Sunday show called Afrocentral, which showcases urban and contemporary music from across Africa, and I regularly host African personalities of all sorts, from musicians, poets, producers, designers and actors, all making their mark on the African cultural front.

I have also hosted events such as Tis the Season, a Christmas concert in 2013, 2014 and 2015, The Inaugural 2 day Africa Nouveau festival as well as occasionally emceeing Blankets and Wine. says patricia kihoro


she earns well but is yet to declare wealth


she has a blog named www.patriciakihoro.com


If you would like to get in touch about anything, and I mean anything, especially book recommendations, you can email me at patriciakihoro@gmail.com

You can also reach me on Twitter, Facebook or check out my Instagram and Tumblr pages.


Patricia Kihoro is a renowned Kenyan actress, artist and a media personality. She spoke about the reasons why she will delay plans to get married during the event dubbed Women, Words and Win. She has often been accused to being attracted to fellow women

Patricia advocated for personal happiness first before anything else.

The celibacy vow

On the question of romance, Patricia shares about her decision to take a celibacy vow. “Last year I got into something that started as innocent, platonic DMs that grew into more towards the end of June. Our first date was in a bookstore and it lasted 12 hours – the stuff of my fantasies. We spent hours in there, comparing notes, talking about books, and buying book and then we went for lunch that turned into dinner. For our second date, he decided to spend his birthday with me; he brought food to help me through a hangover and we ended up spending another 26 hours talking and connecting.”

The relationship was long distance because he lives out of town. “We would speak for hours every day. There are elements of what we had that were real and beautiful when we had them. We got close very quickly, but after three months things became strained — we weren’t talking as much and I could feel that he wasn’t in a good place. He had a lot to deal with from his past and that affected the present. So we broke up. I tried to keep in touch but after a while, we just stopped speaking altogether.

“I decided it was time to heal and take time out. There was no big ceremony; I just decided to take a year to rediscover myself. I think the lesson in that relationship I believe was God just telling me ‘this is just an introduction.’ I mean I am asking for a man who is just right for me and if someone is out there praying for a woman who fits my description, then I have to do the work to become the best version of me.”

“There are some directors that I have enjoyed working with: Like Jim Chuchu and Wanuri. They trust their actors to know what to do with the characters that they are playing. They allow you to ask questions and become a part of the whole process. A lot of people believe acting is about pretence but acting is about finding yourself in the role that you play, or finding the character in yourself. Again, I have learned as a performer that in asking questions you have to be respectful because even if you feel as though another character you are working with isn’t allowing you to be your best, it is not up to you to determine whether they leave or stay.”  reveals patricia kihoro


We are five in our family. Me, my mum, dad and my two younger brothers, 26 and 22 years old respectively.

“People see me talk about my mum a lot online, but I am also quite close to my dad and siblings. My brothers are amazing. They teach me how to chill out. I have been friends with my dad since I was a little girl. My dad and I fight like friends! This has enabled me to have beautiful friendships with men, and that is how I am able to retain my friendships with exes even when the romance doesn’t work out.” reveals patricia kihoro

Patricia Kihoro Songs

  • Loving Wrong
  • Hakuna Matata
  • Ngoma
  • Nakupenda
  • Nakupenda The What Not

patricia kihoro