A bowl of fruits and vegetables salads is undoubtedly one of the best meals you crave to pamper yourself with. So you walk down to your refrigerator, bring out all the fruits and salad vegetables that there is, chop them, squeeze a lime, add a dash of salt and sprinkle some coriander. Done and you believe it to be the healthiest ever. But hold on! Is this truly the right way to go about a fruit salad?

May be not! No matter how rich source of vitamins and nutrients fruits might be, there are particular regimens to be followed while consuming them to ensure their optimum health benefits. Not all combinations of fruits are safe-some have serious side effects too.

Yes! It depends on the speed of digestion for different fruits and vegetables. Many permutations and combinations that you are making are probably hindering your optimal digestion and assimilation.

For a better comprehension, here’s a list of fruit combinations you should be avoiding right away.

1. Banana + Pudding- Your body may find it tough to digest this combination. It creates stomach heaviness in adults, slows down the mind and increases the production of toxins. So, you may feel drowsy or foggy for some time. In case of infants, it may be fatal.

2. Orange + Carrot- Although this is a very popular combination at juice-joints, intake of both at once produces heartburn, excess bile reflux, and even damages the renal system, which is just the origin of more serious diseases. On top, if you are suffering from digestive issues, this combo can make them worse. Kidney issues can also be among the side effects of this combination.

3. Pineapple + Milk- When you consume milk and pineapple together, you may suffer from certain side effects like nausea, infections, diarrhea, headaches and even stomach pain. The combination of bromelain and lactic acid may not go well at times.

4. Banana + Guava- This combination causes gas and acidosis, and thus you will start feeling nauseous and heaviness, headaches, and stomach pain.

5. Lemon + Papaya- This two, when had together, develops anaemia within your body. It also creates problems with your haemoglobin (protein in your blood), and that’s the reason why you should never risk giving it to your children.

6. Milk + Orange- The problem with having milk, orange juice and cereals together is that your body may be unable to digest them together. It is even more harmful for children. Orange makes your stomach incapable of processing the starches present in the cereal.

7 Vegetables + Fruits- Both fruits and vegetable are healthy. But that doesn’t mean that you can eat them all at the same time. Since fruits contain more sugar, vegetables becomes hard to be digested properly. They remain in the stomach whilst the fruit ferments and produces more toxins, causing stomach pain, gas, infections, diarrhea, and even headache. Also, fruits tend to have more acid, so it literally breaks down and minimizes the nutritional value of the vegetables.