1. Replacing food with water

This is a common mistake that most people make anytime they are fasting. Because the body is deprived of food, it sometimes may become uncomfortable and so the person ends up taking a lot of water.

Yes it is good to take water but try and be moderate in the amount of water you take especially when you are fasting. It is part of disciplining your body.

2. Taking acidic fruits

This is another mistake you should not make especially when fasting. Citric foods are very dangerous especially on an empty stomach. Avoid things like orange and pineapple especially when fasting. Their acidity may destroy the stomach linings and end up causing stomach complications.

3.Don’t break fast with hard foods

When a person has been through an intense fasting period, the body craves for food and the person may have the temptation of taking a lot of food to take care of the times he or she has not been eating. Try and take some light foods fast and even stay for around 4 hours to try and make your stomach to adjust. In short try and take it slow.

4. Holding grudges or malice in the heart

This is another mistake you should never make when fasting. It is a period when you actually have to be at peace with everybody. During the period of fasting try your best to avoid any type of disagreements and be at peace with even your enemies. The book of Isaiah 58 tells us that this are some of the things that prevent God from answering our prayers during fasting.

5. Unforgiveness

When fasting do your best to forgive everyone and this includes those that have wronged you in the past and those that will wrong you even in that period. Unforgiveness will cause God not to answer the prayers of your heart.

6. Sinning

Sinning is a very broad topic but it becomes even very important to when a person is fasting. Avoid small things like lying to people that may cause God not to answer your prayers.

7. Having conflict with spouse

The book of 1 Peter 3:7 is very clear on this subject of a husband and wife being at peace. It becomes even more crucial when a person is fasting. It is a time to be humble and show humility. Avoiding conflicts with your spouse will help you to focus much on God.

8. Don’t indulge with the flesh

The period of fasting is the period is the period of training your body and being in control of yourself. During fasting, you should avoid activities that indulge the flesh rather than building you up. Sleeping because you are simply hungry will not help you or even playing games because you are bored will not help you during a fasting period. It is a time to grow the spirit man and and do away with the flesh.

9. Going without the word and meditation

When fasting it is a time to connect to God though the word and in meditation. Fasting without the word is like being in a hunger strike and will not help anything. When fasting, never about the word of God, because the word of God is what make you know the will and purpose of God for you at that particularly time.