My sweet curse synopsis, actors and actresses real names in telenovela.


The village of El Salado is a window into the past. There, traditions, beliefs, and old customs are maintained. And even though this makes it extraordinarily colorful, it is far from perfect as the inhabitants there still believe in supernatural powers, witchcraft, and curses. So when little Aurora’s mother dies while giving birth, Macrina, the midwife, immediately spreads the news that the girl is responsible for her mother’s death since she was born with a birth mark that looks like a skull and this clearly proves she gives rise to misfortune. this way, the baby girl is labeled as a ‘curse bearer’ for good. The neighbors act around the little girl as if the devil himself was standing in front of them, making Severo, a miserable swineherd that stinks everything out, intimidate Aurora, swearing to her that she will never have a family because her destiny is written and it must be fulfilled.

Aurora is left under the loving protection of José, her father, who determines to keep his daughter completely isolated from people with the sole intention of protecting her from the absurd myth that has been created around her birth mark.

When Aurora is still very little, the magic of love comes to her life when Rodrigo, a little boy from a wealthy family, accidentally meets her and is captivated by her for life. Over the years, an unconditional love grows between them.

Aurora turns into a beautiful woman, but her life suddenly changes when her father catches a terminal illness and in his deathbed asks his daughter and Rodrigo to make a promise: he asks Rodrigo to always protect Aurora, and asks his daughter to prove the people in the town that she doesn’t bring misfortune but love. Both accept their promises taking on a commitment forever, so José dies in peace. Aurora is now unprotected and suffering her insurmountable loss. Rodrigo offers to look after her, but Aurora makes the decision to move out from El Salado.

Some years later, misfortune hits Aurora again when she believes her aunt has died and her death was her fault. She is certain now that she does attract misfortune and returns to El Salado, where she lives isolated in the cemetery, near her father’s grave. When old Severo finds this out, he kidnaps her and locks her up in a big old house which makes Rodrigo come to rescue her so that both can be happy together. But unexpectedly, the girl refuses to leave with him. The reason why, remains a mystery.

The estrangement between Aurora and Rodrigo is a perfect chance for Mónica, the new tenant at the boy’s hacienda who wants to catch him no matter what. But Aurora and Rodrigo have always known that they belong to each other and they will fight for their love, without putting behind the promises they made to José, even if to keep her word, Aurora must prove everyone, including herself, that she wasn’t born with any curse and she is a young woman that is strong enough to overcome all hardships, superstitions, and capable of enjoying love next to the man she loves.

my sweet curse actress :Aurora real name is Renata Notni

A beautiful young girl from a poor background; Anselmo and Dolores’ daughter and Severo’s granddaughter. She has always been in love with Rodrigo. She is joyful, generous, and honest, but she has become used to living in alienation ever since she was a little girl due to her so called “curse”. Her father has always been next to her, and that is why she worships him. When Anselmo dies, she promises him she will prove everyone in El Salado that she is not cursed, and to keep her promise she will come even closer to Rodrigo. Priscila hates her, she is her biggest enemy.

My sweet curse actor:Rodrigo
real name:Pablo Lyle

He is a good-looking and charming young man. He is a veterinarian. He is Carolina and Héctor’s son, who died when Rodrigo was a child; ever since then he became his mother’s protector. When Anselmo dies, Rodrigo promises him to look after Aurora for good, which stresses his protective trait since he has always been in love with Aurora and doesn’t want anything bad to happen to her. When Monica meets him, she insists on seducing him, but he is not interested in her. However, this will cause him a lot of trouble.

My sweet curse actress: MÓNICA
Actress:Laura Carmine

She is a beautiful and alluring young woman who grabs men’s attention and capitalizes it very well. She is Corina’s daughter, who registered as Hipolito’s daughter although he is not her real father. She is convinced that she is a princess and deserves everything, so she is lazy, capricious, and shallow. She is not smart, but she is clever and malicious, as well as manipulative. She just wants to catch a man who provides for her and becomes obsessed with Rodrigo, but when she realizes he only loves Aurora, she decides to make her life miserable.

my sweet curse : SEVERO
Actor:Roberto Blandón

An old man with a nasty appearance, always shabby and sloppy. He is Carmen’ father and, therefore, Aurora’s grandfather; but nobody knows this. To everyone, Severo is just an old man who raises pigs and his presence there remains a mystery. However, he is the heir of El Salado’s wealthiest family; some people believe he hoards a big fortune, but no one knows for sure. He promised to take revenge on Aurora since he blames her for killing his daughter, Carmen, who was his whole life.


Actress:Socorro Bonilla

She looks like a witch. She is El Salado’s midwife, herbalist, and wizard. She is wily, cynical, and disrespectful. She assisted Aurora’s birth and was the one who spread the rumor that the girl was cursed. More than respect, people are scared of her. The town’s doctor and the priest are her main enemies, but Rodrigo will become her major rival since he is ready to do anything to prevent her from hurting Aurora.


Actress:Maya Mishalska

She is an elegant woman with great looks. She is Rodrigo’s mother. She became a widow when her husband suffered a terrible accident. Ever since then, she has been in charge of the family’s hacienda and she has carried out this task successfully. She is intelligent, enterprising, and generous. Her relationship with her sister in-law, Corina, is a pain. She has an absurd fight with Regina, her best friend. She is a little superstitious, so she disapproves of Rodrigo being with Aurora. Her son’s happiness means everything for her.

My sweet curse: CORINA

Actress:Cecilia Gabriela

An attractive, but not classy woman. She is Hipolito’s widow and Mónica’s mother. She is a true believer in fortune-telling, which causes her a lot of problems and that is why she becomes Macrina’s friend. She is boastful and a liar. All she cares for in life is taking over Elsa’s fortune, her sister in law, and she is convinced that the best way to achieve this is by making Mónica marry Rodrigo. Nevertheless, she is not very bright, so she is constantly making very notorious mistakes.

my sweet curse : APOLONIA

Actress:Patricia Navidad

She is a simple and beautiful woman. She is Rafa and Gonzalo´s mother. She is the owner of the hacienda next to Elsa’s, with whom she has a great friendship until an absurd situation separates them and turns them into big enemies. She hires Aurora to work in her property just to prove Elsa she is not superstitious, but by putting the girl near her sons, she causes that they start fighting among them to win her heart.