Life in Saudi Arabia is good to those Kenyans who are doing their jobs well. Many of them earn good money from being a house manager, security, teacher and other simple jobs. Many of them have very good employers. Luckily some employers take their house managers for vacations, nice treats, shopping. The employers even pay air tickets for their employees.

Luckily for Ann, her life changed for the better when she got a job in Saudi Arabia. Ann moved to Saudi Arabia where she is working as a house help. The family that she got was a nice family. Her job was to clean the first floor of the house. She also washed clothes and later ironed them.

Unfortunately her first month was not easy for her. In the first place she had never mingled with the Islam community. It was very hard for her to understand their way of doing things. And being a Christian it gave her a hard time to know their likes and dislikes. The other thing was understand their mood swings. Also she anxious to know if her job was pleasing the employer.

Fortunately they were able to carry on well. As for her she is very hot tempered and so they understand her. “My employer told me to take her like my sister. Meaning that even my own sister at times gets angry, gets jovial, and even gets moody. In this case i must understand her in the best way.” She says.

Luckily during the Ramadan festive season, her salary was increased. It was her employers mandate to increase their salary every Ramadan season. Every week she is always given an off. Every year she is given a vacation for more than 45 days. She is able to visit her family back here in Kenya.

“One vacation we went to Dubai with my employer. I loved Dubai. I had never been to the place. I enjoyed myself.” She adds. Ann adds that her salary is always increased yearly. But it’s because of the good work she does. She have been able to work there for 11 years. Until she accomplishes her dream in real estate, she will never quit the job.

One day her employer asked her if she could join the Muslim community. And because she never knew about their stand of their faith, she decided to read their books. She later decided to remain in her christian stand. Her happiness was that her employer agreed with her decision and was comfortable with it.

Ann tells that all her friends work in good places like her. Adding that she only hear the stories of mistreatment here in Kenya. Luckily she can never tell if it’s true or false. But if you do your work well, deligently, humbly and on time then nobody will bother you. She adds that the law in Saudi Arabia is very strict. People also abide by it and unlike here in Kenya.

Luckily Ann knew to talk and write English. And so communication was not a problem to her because her employer knew how to talk in English. Her mother back in Kenya didn’t misuse her money. She invested for her wisely.

For her she have bought several plots here in Kenya. Her mother who is single now lives a good life. Her children have completed their education

Reasons why she have worked for one family for 11 years.

1 She had known them better. By this it was good for her carry on well.

2 Working in different families makes it hard for you to understand them very well.

3. Her employers increasing her salary yearly.

4. The employers are good, loving, caring people.

5. She is given an off and vacation.

6. Her job is not overloading.

Lessons learnt.

1. Respect people’s decision.

2. Knowing different kind of languages is an added advantage in life.

3. Working hard is the best option in life.