Popular singer singer Justina Syokau has had a testimony how his ex married married her village house help and sent her away to the streets. Justina is an artiste who has tasted both sides of life. After a violent marriage, she walked out and was forced to live on the streets. Twendi Twendi singer has revealed she went through major struggles for 10 years before making it in the music business

” i was born in Machakos County, Mua Hills ward. I am a born-again Christian. I grew up as a staunch AIC Church believer until I joined Redeemed Gospel Church. From a tender age, I was taught the importance of being prayerful. ” Justina says

“I met my husband in church after a long courtship. He was very persistent and never gave up. I loved him and we started going out when he came to Kijabe, where I used to live. In June 2012, we got married. But our love was short-lived. “

Justina says her husband later married my house help and sent me to the streets without nothing.

So, you left?

Yes. It was too much to bear. I had to leave my home. I was out in the cold with my two-week old baby. Since I had delivered through cesarean, I could not walk for long distances. I had lost a lot of blood. I remember getting an infection on the streets.

There was no place to shower or sleep and I have to scavenge for food. There was no support either and no one to talk to or share your problems with. I could not afford pampers or sanitary towels. It was hell. No one was willing to help me during those difficult times.

Did you try going back to your parents?

I tried to, yes. While on the streets, a Samaritan offered me Sh200 as fare back to Machakos. But on arrival, I was coldly received and my parents asked me to leave, claiming that I was the one to blame. I had no choice but to go back to Nairobi. I tried reaching out to my husband, but he ignored my calls.

 How was life in Nairobi? How did you pull through?

A friend of mine hosted me for two months in her house. She felt my pain. During my stay with her, I went back to church and joined the praise and worship team. By God’s grace, I got a paying job in church. I am prayerful and believe God changed and turned everything around.

I started going to minister in other churches, seminars, crusades, as well as roadshows. I was back on my feet. I regained my self-esteem and started singing. I hawked my music CDs in matatus. I used to carry my son on my back. Most people would sympathise with me and they helped me raise funds for my album.

How did your experience change you?

I chose to help and also be a healing stream to those who are going through tough times. I pray for marriages as well as unspoken issues. I am a motivational speaker and a mentor of young girls. During my suffering, my mum succumbed to depression