This is a story of pain and misfortunes that always befall women in marriages.Wangare shared her story where she was tormented, abused physically, harmed and even raped to a point of near death. She tried confiding in her mum but her mum wouldn’t listen to her. She claimed that the Husband had paid 10,000 shillings and that she was indebted to her. So Julia was forced to stay since she didn’t know where to go.

I am here wondering why marriages are not sacred anymore. Where did the respect for human life go? Why is it that people are trying to kill each other every single day. Does The human life mean anything to anyone anymore?

Julia came to Nairobi to hustle and ended up being getting married. How she got married is a wonder. She met the Husband at a certain Vegetable store and they exchanged numbers. One day the guy called her and told her how sick he was and as the good friend she was she decided to go see him.

Having come from the village, she had never seen a tv set. Seeing one at his house made her forget she had to go home and when it was around 9 they guy tricked her and she ended up sleeping there. At first the guy lied that house belonged to her sister and that she was safe there. After Julia slept, the man went into the room and slept with her.

She was very ashamed and couldn’t go back to her people since she believed she was not pure anymore and didn’t want to disrespect her sister or any of the people around her. And that is how she ended up being married.

Her marriage life is a very painful story. Her husband first accused her of being barren and battered her for it and later started beating her up because she was bearing kids too often. Ironical how people in marriages change.

Her first child was born, but got sick after two months. The husband abandoned his duties and Wangare had to hustle to acquire money for her sin’s clinic. By God’s grace the baby got well and when she was around one and a half years, she accidentally became pregnant again.

The husband got violent warning her that he doesn’t like it that she was giving birth too often. He even denied the pregnancy being his. Wangari was forced to go out and fend fir her kids despite being pregnant. She worked at a construction site untill she was 8 months pregnant.

When time came to give birth, Wangare told her sister that she didn’t have enough clothes for the baby and the sister cane through. She bought the remaining clothes. When it was time to give birth, her husband refuses to give her money and she had to borrow money from an aspiring Mp. The MP came through and she went and gave birth.

After giving birth the husband started abusing her Physically and beating her up hoping she would leave her matrimonial home. She confided in her mum who insisted that that is how marriage is and that she should get used to the beatings.

She has been in a marriage of pain for more than seven years but one thing left her unable to do anything but go back to her parents house.

On that fateful day, the husband had a motive of killing her. He cut her up with a slasher, and even put a knife in her birth canal as a way to never let another man be with her wife. From what she said, she has never cheated on her husband

Her greatest cry is that her ex husband left her Physically handicapped since she can’t even sit for more than an hour without the pain from the wounds caused by the knife. She said that her head is also physically hurt and she has developed a problem of fainting, her wound is also constantly causing her pain. The pain this woman went through is more than one person can handle.

The painful bit about all this is that she opened up to her mum but her mum insisted that she should stay with her husband, be patient and wait for him to change.

Share widely and let that African parent know that insisting on someone to stay with a violent partner is like digging an early grave for their kids. Please let them know that there is life after divorce.

If only Julia’s mum came to her rescue the first time the incident happened, Julia would still be healthy and able to look after her two children.