Mwalimu National Sacco Limited, but often referred to as Mwalimu Sacco, is a savings and credit co-operative society (Sacco) in Kenya, the largest economy in the East African Community. It is an institutional Sacco, composed of the staff of the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) ,TSC teachers in secondary and tertiary institutions , TSC teachers in elementary schools, the staff of Mwalimu National Sacco Limited and the spouses and other employed staffs.


(1)     Wezesha Loan 

Wezesha (to enable) loan is a product where members with the ability to pay/service a loan but have not saved enough shares to qualify for one, can access the facility from Mwalimu in form of an advance while we retain part of it as savings. One is able to access a loan of up to Ksh.600, 000 and 1/3 of it is retained as their shares.

Terms and conditions of wezesha loan
  1. The minimum period for a member to qualify shall apply as per the sacco by-laws.
  2. Due to some extra resources that shall be needed for processing the loan,2% wezesha processing fee shall be charged on the amount to be advanced.
  3. The Wezesha loan should run for a maximum of 36months.
  4. The shares boosted shall earn dividends on pro-rata basis.
  5. The maximum loan amount to be issued shall not exceed Ksh.600, 000.
  6. The loan should be fully guaranteed.
  7. This product is for new members only.
  8. Rate is 13% p.a on reducing balance.
(2)     Emergency Loans
  1. Granted for unseen circumstances.
  2. Repayable in 12months.
  3. Only one emergency loan can be granted at a time.
  4. Given within a member’s entitlement.
  5. Maximum limit is a member’s deposits x5 (subject to 1/3 salary rule).
  6. Applicable interest rate is 1%p.m on reducing balance.
(3)     School Fees Loans
  1. Granted for educational purposes.
  2. Repayable in 12months.
  3. Only one school fees loan to be granted at a time.
  4. Given within a member’s entitlement.
  5. 1% p.m interest rate on reducing balance.
  6. Maximum limit is a member’s deposit x5(subject to 1/3 salary rule).
(4)     Normal Loans
  1. Granted as short-term loans for investment purposes.
  2. Repayable in 36months.
  3. One normal loan to be granted at a time.
  4. Limit is a member’s deposits x3(subject to 1/3 salary rule).
  5. 1%p.m on reducing balance.
(5)     Development Loans
  1. Granted as medium-term loans for investment purposes.
  2. Repayable in 48months.
  3. One development loan granted at a time.
  4. Maximum limit is a member’s deposits x4(subject to 1/3 salary rule)
  5. Applicable interest rate is 1.17%p.m on reducing balance.
(6)     Super Loans
  1. Granted as long-term loans for investment purposes.
  2. Repayable in 60months.
  3. Only one super loan granted at a time.
  4. Maximum limit is a member’s deposits x4(subject to 1/3 salary rule)
  5. Interest is at 1.20%p.m
(7)     Vision 84
  1. Long term loans for investment purposes.
  2. Repayable in 84 months
  3. Limit is a member’s deposits x5(subject to 1/3 salary rule).
  4. Interest rate is 1.29 p.m on reducing balance.


1.    A copy of National ID Card / Passport
2.    An ORIGINAL PAYSLIP not more than TWO  months old.
3.    A fully filled OFFICIAL loan application form.
4.    The loan must be fully guaranteed.
5.    Top ups (Bridging) of existing loans must be conducted at WSF or FOSA accounts.


1.    Minimum monthly share contribution applicable after loan approval is a % of the loan depending on one’s deposit balance as follows:

Share Range % of Loan
1 Less than 300,000 0.9
2 300,001 – 600,000 0.8
3 600,001 – 900,000 0.7
4 Above 900,000 0.6

2.    Approved loans shall be paid through WSF accounts or salary account (as per the pay slip).
3.    Members can qualify for all the above loan products at any given time provided that TOTAL OUTSTANDING LOANS SHALL NOT EXCEED SIX TIMES A MEMBER’S DEPOSITS subject to the 1/3 RULE.

MWALIMU SACCO Burial Benevolent Fund-BBF.

burial Benevolent Fund-BBF.

Used to accord members and their immediate families a decent burial

Monthly contribution is ksh.150

Person.     Entitlement in Ksh.
Self            60,000.
Spouse.      55,000.
Own children.     35,000. (up to a max of 6 children.)
Own parents.     20,000.
Parents in-law     15,000.


will be proccessed immediately after application


Here is how to access mwalimu national SACCO mobile.

First visit the nearest Mwalimu SACCO branch and mobile banking application form

new mobile banking app. Visit our website or Dial *286*51# for details.


You can download mwalimu GO mobile app from google play and can be used the way as mobile banking


These are monthly saving and are used to determine your loan limit. They earn dividends at the end of the year


These are earned at the end of every year depending on the amount of shares. mwalimu sacco dividends 2017 was 11.73 percent. mwalimu national sacco dividends are 10.2 on share( deposits ) and 11.2% on share capital i.e ksh 20,000. check your dividends calculations at mwalimu national portal


Mwalimu National Sacco launches laptop program for teachers

Mwalimu SACCO housing schemes

MWALIMU SACCO jobs Vacancies

This will be updated soon


Mwalimu National Towers

Upperhill- Hill Lane, off Mara Road

P.O. Box 62641 00200,

Nairobi, Kenya

Tel: 020 295 6000/0709 898 000

Email: mwalimu@mwalimunational.coop


Q1. Who is eligible to join Mwalimu Sacco Ltd as a member?

Anyone from the following categories can join the mwalimu SACCO: TSC Secretariat TSC Secondary School teachers TSC Lecturers TSC Primary School teachers (Diploma or Degree graduates) Members Spouses in formal employment. Ministry of Education Staff Mwalimu National Sacco Staff.

Q2. What do I need to join Mwalimu National SACCO Society Ltd?

The following documents are required: A fully filled application form and Specimen Card An original current payslip A copy of the National Identity Card (Both sides) Three recent colour passport size photographs A certified copy of the applicant’s bank statement or a clear copy of his/her bank plate / ATM card.

Q3. After acquiring all the necessary documents, what are the steps I need to take to join Mwalimu National SACCO Society?

After downloading or acquiring and filling the membership form, attach the documents mentioned in the requirements section and drop / send the form at/to our offices at Mwalimu Co-op House, Tom Mboya Street or any of the eleven (11) FOSA Branches nearest to you.

Q4. What is a Risk Fund?

This is a compulsory insurance scheme for all SACCO members. Each member contributes Kshs.300.00 monthly. The fund is used to pay off the outstanding loans for a deceased member and to double the shares payable to the beneficiary (nominee). For efficiency in payment, members are advised to: Confirm and Update their nominees with the SACCO to avoid legal tussles. In case of more than one nominee, indicate percentage allocation for each nominee.

Q5 .What is a Burial Benevolent Fund (BBF) and how do I benefit from it?

It is a social Welfare fund, established in July 1993 to accord members and their immediate families decent burials upon demise. The member contributes Kshs.150.00 monthly. A member is required to specify his/her next of kin (i.e. the beneficiaries) prior.

Entitlements are as below:

Self – Kshs.60,000

Spouse – Kshs.55,000

Own Children – Kshs.35,000 (up to a max of 6)

Own Parents – Kshs.20,000

Parent in law – Kshs.15,000

What attachments are required when filling a BBF Claim? Certified copy of Death Certificate/Permit for Burial No Birth Notification form or Birth Certificate (for all claims on own child) Radio announcement or Newspaper caption or letter from Asst. Chief or Head of Institution Any other document has to be specified and the copies thereof enclosed.