We’re all aware that, no matter how much they adore you, women can’t just stroll up to you and declare their love for you. However, as a man, you can know when a lady is head over heels in love with you through the signs she will display.

Her actions around you and the topics she discusses can reveal her feelings towards you. In this post, I’ll share with you five questions that a woman in love with you might ask you.

1 She’ll inquire as to why you’re single or why you’re not in a relationship. This may appear to be a common question, but most females use it to assess you so that they can be assured that they are the ones who will be showered with your affection.

2 She will want to know about your immediate family and friends. In most cases, when a lady is in love, she is concerned about you and everything about you, including your family and friends. She may ask your relatives and other close friends to see whether you have a hidden relationship with another woman or not.

3. If you are fortunate, will you marry someone like me? Ladies always think about their love lives in preparation for marriage/wedding. When a woman asks you this question, it means she has a mental image of her love for you and is ready to proceed with you.

4. She is constantly inquiring about your general well-being. You’ll start getting messages and phone calls asking how you spent your day, where you went throughout the day and a variety of other questions. As a result, she adores you, and your safety is extremely important to her.

5 Can I Buy You A Drink?

Women are progressive in terms of taking the lead when it comes to dating now more than ever. If a woman approaches you at a bar and asks to buy you a drink and you happen to be of the old-fashioned set who believes that only men should be the drink-buyers in a flirtatious situation, re-consider that initial feeling that might bubble up, telling you that this is wrong because she might be “too pushy” or “overbearing” or “not traditional enough.” Times are changing and there’s nothing wrong with accepting a drink offer from a woman who finds you interesting. There could be worse things to happen, right? If you’re single and think that you would like to get to know the generous drink-offering gal better, shun the traditional thoughts and enjoy a conversation with a progressive woman who is determined and brave enough to challenge traditional gender roles and take charge of her love life. Of course, the next round is on you!