dreams may seem normal but there are dangerous dreams / negative dreams which have negative spiritual implications


1 Eating in dream – This is a common negative dream. if you dream eating food in dream, you are making covenants with power of darkness. eating may also mean there is impending death. common eating dreams are:

eating chicken in dream, Eating ugali, eating chicken or meat, potatoes, eating beans, vegetables and ugali.

you should rebuke such dreams and break such evil covenants

2. seeing frog in your dream – spirit of poverty

3. driving heavy lorries like trailers or pickups or vehicle which carries luggage

4. wearing torn clothes

5. sleeping with someone in dream – This is dangerous dream. these are mostly marine spirits which the devil uses to pollute you and put unworthy thoughts in you. marine spirits can be very stubborn to get over them. you have to work more harder to overcome them. they can be used to take people into bondage by illuminati.

6. seeing a dog chasing you in dream – this is spirit of prostitution that is trying to get over you. Rebuke such demonic powers

7. talking to a person who died long time ago – there is no relationship between dead and living . you should cut off such ties because it may spiritually signify death. this negative dream,

8. dream about being in former high school learning or taking exams – this i spirit of delay which spiritually means the devil wants to take backwards and does not want progress in your life. this is a very dangerous dream

9. someone chasing you – there are enemies who are following you. you should rebuke them in Jesus name

10. seeing cows, goats and chicken in dream – these represent demons and evil spirits especially from your village. You should rebuke such demons and send them to hell.

11. Bathing together with group of people – witches sometimes use this to curse. they take shower with water that has spells and then throw this water spiritually to you. this means curses specially from witchcraft.

12. missing your sleepers or shoes in dream – the devil s trying to steal what is precious from you and leave empty handed. this is a bad dream indeed

13,. getting pregnant in dream – this means there is many bad thing coming against you

14. seeing yourself being arrested by police officers – the devil has taken you into spiritual bondage and captivity

15. dreaming that you are in an old house or former house – this is a bad dream meaning that there are some generational curses that are following you.

16. wedding in a dream – this a dangerous dream but its really shocking spiritually. this bad dream means actually upcoming death. shockingly people who dream about doing wedding even if they are married dream wedding people they don’t actually know.

17 someone snatching something from you

18. being in darkness – this is a negative dream, the devil is controlling you you should pray for light of God.

19. Falling into a pit – the enemy has set a trap for you. you should pray hard about this

20 fighting in dream and losing – This is one of the most dangerous dreams you cannot afford to overlook meaning you have already lost battle against our enemies

21 Being in a swampy area – this signifies difficult times ahead and sickness

22. market dream – this is where spiritual deals and covenants are made. this is a very dangerous dream to rebuke

23. dream about electricity black out – electricity bring light which stands for holy spirit and if you dream about electricity blackout. this mean the enemy is stealing away the holy spirit and power to pray

24. dream about switching of light- light stands for holy spirit, if you switch off the lights, it means you are loosing favour of god and giving chance to power of darkness to deal with you

25. always seeing jets and aeroplanes looking for you – these are mostly used by evil powers of Illuminati, this means they are looking for you so that they can take you into their spiritual bondage

26. taking alcohol in dream – this is a spirit of confusion that is after you. you should rebuke such negative dream

27. loosing a phone or having phone but is not working properly due to issue like no battery , no sim card – phone stands for power of prayer which is a weapon to fight against evil spirits and powers. if your phone is not there or not working means the devil is trying to take away power of prayer from you.

28. dream about lemon or tomatoes – this is spirit of sickness that is following you.

29. dreaming about birds such as owls and hawks – signifies spirit of death through witchcraft or sorcerers

30. storm – these are tides of the devil which can be very strong. only strong survive storm and tides.

31. someone breaking your door

32. wearing jewellery or ornaments – you are in line to being initiated into cults. this is a dangerous dream

33. seeing trees – these are roots of forces of darkness

34. seeing a wall around you

35. someone snatching gun away from you

36. dream about rats – these are bad dreams and demons of witchcraft

37. dreams about having shaggy hair

38. dream about carrying luggage – these are spiritual burdens the devil have put into you. it is negative dream

39. dream about charcoal – this is bad dream that signifies dark forces

40 dream being dressed in dark clothes or dirty clothes

41 dream about counting money especially coins