Thursday, April 19, 2018


best blogs in kenya

best blogs in kenya/ trending blogs in kenya 2017. These are websites are that highly visited by Kenyans and offer content of great value to the visitors.

1. is one of the best designed website in Kenya that offers corporate related news in east Africa

2. – one of the best news and content blogs in Kenya.

2. Kenya’s best tech news blog. If you want to  know what is trending in tech this is the blog to read. Techmoran is an option of techweez.

3. Tuko.coke-Fastest growing news website in kenya. Their information is upto standard and reliable

4. Ghafla-offers entertainment news in Kenya. Its content is of high quality

5. BrighterMonday-The best job directory website in Kenya with a very nice looking design

6. Jumia-the best and biggest online shopping blog in Kenya. Kilimall is an option of Jumia.

7. Magicalkenya-If you need information any information about tourist destination in Kenya then this is the best website to visit in Kenya.

8. OLX-It is the best classified website in Kenya

9 Cheki-The design of this website has been made very simple which makes easy for the user to navigate through. It is also ranked as the top car selling website in kenya

10. Safaricom-Perharps this top website in Kenya and which has integrated the most contemporary technology in its design.

 Top Best news websites and blogs in Kenya

These are websites that contain the most reliable news in Kenya.

1. Daily Nation

2. Standard

3. Capitalfm

4. Thestar

5. jambonews

6. News24

7. Kassfm

8. The Star


 Top Best Educational websites and blogs in Kenya

These are blogs to find education updates in Kenya.

1. Educationnews

2. Kuccpp

3. Kenyaplex

4. Kenyayote

5. kenyaschoolreport

6. CapitalCampus

7. Commission for University education (cue)

Top Best classified websites and blogs in Kenya

1. OLX- It is Kenya’s biggest classifieds website. This is the best blog to find any product that you need in kenya

2. Cheki-Cheki is kenya’s best and largest website that sells vehicles and vehicle products

3. n-soko classifieds-It is a company of the Daily Nation

4. Pigiame classifieds-among the oldest classified websites in kenya

5. Knightfrank—–realestate

Top 10 Best entertainment and gossip websites and blogs in Kenya

1. Daily post


2. Ghafla

3. Niaje

4. Nairobiexposed

5. Nairobi Wire

6. Buzzkenya

7. 254digital

8. Mwakilishi

9. Bikozulu

10. Kenyacelebtities

11. Hapakenya

12 Kahawatungu

13. Msupa

Top Best Technology websites and blogs in Kenya


2. Techmoran

3. Techweez

4. Thinkmpesa

5. Emmanuelchenze

6. Kachwany

7. tech-kish

Top Best shopping and real estate websites and blogs in Kenya

1. Jumia

2. Kilimall

3. Lamudi

4. hairstopandshop- Best blog to buy hair products online in Kenya

5. – Best blog to buy clothes online in Kenya

6. – best website to shop for various products online in kenya

7. – This is where you can buy bata shoes online in kenya

8. – Best Blog to buy fresh fruits online in Kenya

9. Knightfrank-Real estate webiste

Top Best making money online websites and blogs in Kenya

1 Freelancer kenya-Offers tips on how to make a living online in Kenya

2. Likechapaa-One of the oldest and best online money making website in Kenya

3. Investmentkenya-If you are looking for investment opportunities in Kenya then this is the best website to visit.

4. Makemoney kenya

5. Firstandfastcapitall

6. Kenyamoneyonline

7. Lifepard-offers life tips on how to invest online in Kenya and how to become an entrepreneur

8. bankelele

Top Best social networking websites and blogs in Kenya

It is unfortunate that we could not find best local social networking blogs in Kenya. All the named blogs below are international.

1. Facebook

2. Twitter

3. Whatsapp

4. LinkedIn

5. Google plus-Mostly used by  bloggers in Kenya

6. Tagged

7. Skype

8. Instragram

9. Pinterest

Top Best political websites in Kenya

1. Kenyatoday

2. Jacklenews (deactivated)

3. Shitemi

4. Blog.jaluo


6. Northriftpolitics

7. hivisasa

Top Best travel websites and blogs in Kenya

1. Magical kenya

2. Kenyatalii

3. northrifttourism

Top Best fashion and art websites and blogs in Kenya

1. silvianjoki

2. Luciamusau

3. Dressupnation

4. Thisisess

5. Kenyaweddings

6. Muthuamatheka

Top Best job websites and blogs in Kenya

1. Brighter Monday

2. Careerpoint kenya

3. Bestjobskenya

Top best sports blogs in Kenya


2. sportpesanews

3 Michezoafrika

Top Best agriculture websites in Kenya

1. Emmeikieo blog

2. Mfarm

3. M-kilimo-This website is sponsored by the rockfeller family

Others top blogs