HIV/AIDS is among the most feared diseases not only in Kenya but in the world. To some, being infected by HIV will be like the death sentence and thus they will prefer to keep it upon themselves.


1. Joji Baro

The gospel artist once broke the news of being a HIV victim to the public and his fans were caught by surprise.

While at St Paul’s Miluki high school, Joji entered into a romantic relationship with a Catholic priest where he was priest’s girlfriend.

Not long after the two falling in love, Joji was approached by two Journalists from a local newspaper and forced at gunpoint to confess his relationship with the priest. It was a day later that Baro made headlines in the newspapers across the country. 

On March 11, 2011, He tested positive of the virus and it is from then that his family abandoned him.

2. George Kihara – he was the first Kenyan celebrity to confess being positive the disease way back in 2013. A year later after confession, Frigacy died under mysterious circumstances.

3.Richard Amouk – 2010 after ailing for long, Amouk went to test for HIV and shocking enough, he was positive.

In 2012, after two years of denial, Amouk came to accept his status and made it public.

4. Doreen Moraa – Doreen Moraa, 24, has given a powerful testimony of her life, living with HIV since birth She was born to discordant parents- one of her parents was HIV positive while the other was negative .24-year-old Doreen Moraa has lived with HIV and AIDS all her life. She was born to discordant parents, one was positive while the other was negative. At some point of her life, she fell critically ill and was taken to the ICU. It was after treatment that doctors realised thats she had AIDS.

She began her journey with ARV’s and acceptance and has led a healthy life since. “Dear HIV You are the guest in my body and I am the host.We both need to make it out alive so I will take my ARVs to suppress you in my blood and live a positive life,Be nice I will take Care of you PS:I am greater than you Your Host, Doreen Moraa Moracha


1. Vera sidika -With over 1 Million followers on Instagram, thousands of blog posts about her and countless TV interviews Vera Sidika is without a doubt one of the most popular celebrities around.

Otile Brown and Vera Sidika took three HIV tests and the result was negative

Speaking on Radio Jambo, Vera said that the rumour affected her so badly that she cried to her mother. “When I started out a few months into the fame it was so hard (to handle the negativity) that I cried because they said I was sick. That I was dying of HIV. So I called my mum and told her ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe these people are saying such things about me.’ I was new in the industry then but I have grown thick skin, I don’t care now. In fact when people don’t say anything mean I wonder why they are quiet.”

2. Huddah Monroe – in December 2015, Kenya’s top socialite and most followed Kenyan Instagram personality after Lupita of course shot to fame after her stint at Big Brother Africa and her unending beef with Vera Sidika. But marking World’s Aids Day she took to publicise her HIV status in a bid to support and encourage more Kenyans to have the test and stop stigmatisation of those infected. She posted a picture of her taking the test and later shared the results on her Snapchat and umh!….she’s Negative!

3. Prezzo – Controversial Kenyan rapper Jackson Makini Ngechu, popularly known as CMB Prezzo, has decided to make his HIV status public.

Prezzo, who only shared photos of his escapade with Noti Flow two weeks ago, pulled a surprise card on his fans when he posted the results from his HIV testing.

Prezzo also used the opportunity to silence all his critics who have been questioning his drastic weight loss for fear that he may be sick. The controversial rapper clearly made his point with the results of his HIV screen test done at the Nairobi Women’s Hospital.

result was negative

4. Vanessa chettle

Glued in a quiet spot with her two friends, party girl Vannesa is lifeless. She is disconnected from the big thrill. Thousands are jamming to the music at this Arboretum party night. Flirty as she is dressed, she is a caged beauty, distraught.

Milling on her side is a battery of paparazzi waiting to pounce. Like a prey to a big catch, this is the girl they have been looking for since rumours broke that she was sleeping with numerous celebs so that she could infect them with HIV.

But she cleared air and posted her HIV negative status