winnie odinga is daughter of ida odinga and raila odinga. siblings to Rosemary Odinga, Fidel Odinga, Raila Odinga Jr. here is her CV, husband, education , net worth, age and contacts. She  comes from one of richest families in kenya


1. she was born in 1990.

2. winnie odinga loves school hip hop . His best artist is tupac .

3. winnie odinga is genius – Seems like Winnie took after her father in the intellectual sector. She has a double major degree in International Business and Corporate Communications from Philidelphia, United States

4. She claims she is her father ( Raila odinga) bodyguard

5.Her nicname is Kazi because she is always in love with work

6. She acts like Tomboy – “It’s cool, comfortable, and laid back. I’m a sucker for shoes. I love boots and sneakers. I have too many of those. I don’t like heels and tight clothes that much.

I don’t carry around a handbag too.”

7. She hates being prime minister son because she lacks private life.

8. She loves Homeboyz radio –

“I listen to a lot of Homeboyz Radio. I love most of the new school rappers in Kenya. The only problem is that it’s hard to dance to Kenyan music, unless of course its Benga music. I love Nigerian music, it’s easy to dance to Wizkid.

My guilty pleasure is watching Nairobi Diaries and Hot Topics by Wendy Williams. That’s fun. I dig House of Cards and Breaking Bad.”

9. Winnie odinga says she will never run any political sear.

10.  She was once under fire for saying house helps should be paid ksh 50,000

” People thought that I was just throwing around figures that I have no idea about. I’m just appalled that we don’t stop to think that even house helps with kids have their own personal aspirations. We have become too consumed with ourselves, it’s all about us improving ourselves and to hell with the rest. If you can afford it, why not uplift the people that take care of you and your kids to be really among ‘us’?

11. winnie odinga husband – she says she cannot fetch man from bar

Winnie who is the youngest daughter of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga said she was advised by her mother Ida Odinga not to get married to a man she has met at the bar or a club.

“In the Kenyan society you either meet men in church or the bar. But it is like all Kenyan men have decided to spend most of their time in bars,” said Winnie, adding that dating in the Kenyan society is different.

12.winnie odinga Grandparents: Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Rose Ayuya, Nehemiah Oyoo, Mary Juma Odinga

winnie odinga
raila odinga with his daughters