In the Name of Love is a Mexican telenovela produced by Carlos Moreno Laguillo for Televisa.


Paloma (Allisson Lozz) is a child who loses her parents in a tragic accident and must go live in the house of her two single aunts, Macarena (Victoria Ruffo) and Carlota (Leticia Calderón). Macarena is loving and caring, and soon forms a warm bond with her niece; whereas Carlota is repressive and domineering, and seems to enjoy making Paloma’s life miserable. The two aunts guard a family secret that will have a major influence in the life of Paloma. When the secret finally comes to light, everything will change for her.


Paloma Espinoza de los Monteros celebrates her birthday with her parents (Javier and Sagrario) and her two aunts (Carlota and Macarena). At another house, Romina Mondragon Rios, pleads her mother (Camila) to call her father to attend her birthday party but disregards her daughter’s request because Camila has yet to tell her that her father left them for another woman. On the following day, Paloma’s parents sets out to attend the wedding of Natalia and Cristobal in Mexico City and leaves her with her aunts. Paloma was maltreated by her aunt Carlota so she desperately pleads her mother to pick her up. On their way back to fetch Paloma, Javier and Sagrario meets an accident as their car loses control and falls into a cliff.



Romina arrives at the hotel room where Paloma is being helped to dress for the wedding by Madelaine and Rufi. She says she tried to tell her the day of the despedida de soltera (batchelorette party) something important but Paloma wouldn’t let her. Now she says she won’t permit Paloma to marry Gabriel without hearing her out. “Paloma, between Emiliano and I there never was anything.” When Paloma asks what she means, she tells her, “We never made love; it was all a trap I set.” And we see a flashback of Ro sneaking into Em’s room where he’s passed out. “Paloma, this is why he can’t remember anything. Nothing happened. I know I should have told you before. Emiliano only loves you.” Paloma thanks her for this, but she’s going to marry Gabe anyway.

Rufi, Madelaine and Abraham are in the hotel lobby with Emiliano when Paloma appears in her wedding dress and veil. This has a predictable effect on Em. They tell each other goodbye. Em’s cell rings and he speaks to someone: “Who? I don’t understand. Right now? Where?”

Eugenio asks Gabe if he’s sure. With a beautiful smile, Gabriel says: “Yes. Let’s go. Today there will be a wedding!”

IN THE NAME OF LOVE SOAP OPERA : In Houston Orly has picked up Angelica from the airport. When he asks her how the audience went, she says it went well and that she thinks she may be able to get her book back. She asks how the search for a replacement is going and he tells her ninguna te llega a los talones. None of them could even reach your heels. You’re irreplaceable. Ange thought bubbles that if only he knew how she missed him. If there were the smallest chance, she’d stay.

Cris greets Rodolfo, Natalia, Ivonne and Sagraria outside the church. They are all happy Carloca will pay for her crimes. Natalia is wearing a truly ugly dress with an awful purple plume in her hair. Everyone arrives at the church: Camila, Rafa and Ro. Cris gives Ro a big hug.

The doctor tells Carloca he’ll do one last test to rule out physical damage, but you’ll go to prison in a wheelchair. The doctor and nurse leave. Carlota swings her feet out of bed. “Estupidos! As if. I’m never going to end up in a cell.” She’s on her feet. The nurse comes in and sees her.

Cris walks Paloma down the aisle of the beautiful church. Gabriel awaits. Paloma looks gorgeous. He tells her he loves her with all his heart. Because of her he discovered real love. He kisses her and tells her this is their last kiss because he’s not going to marry her.

Paloma is stunned. “I don’t doubt you care for me; but this is not love. I want you to be happy, and I couldn’t give you a better wedding present than to give you to the man your heart always chose.” Em walks down the aisle. All are impactadisimos. Gabe tells Pal he wants to speak with her alone.

IN THE NAME OF LOVE SOAP OPERA : Carlota tries to convince the nurse to help her for big bucks. The nurse accuses her of fooling them. She tells La Loca that she’s a killer and why would she trust her? She says she’s going to call the guards. Carlota pushes her on the bed and then hits her on the back of the head with a big water bottle.

Anamar whines to a friend that Em is going to marry Paloma and that she’s lost him. The friend tells her you can’t lose what you never had.

Em speaks to Rafa about the great admiration he has for Gabriel (about time, I’d say!). Now he understands why they got along so well.

Gabriel asks Paloma “Haven’t you imagined yourself marrying Emiliano a thousand times?” He tells her she’s the love of his life – the one he could have shared the rest of his life with except that he no longer has a life to offer her. He tells her he only has a month to live.

Carlota has the nurse in the blue gown and herself in the nurse’s uniform. She doesn’t break a sweat when another nurse enters. She answers her with her back turned, as if she were Aida.

Paloma tries desperately to say that maybe the doctors made a mistake as they did in his adolescence. He tells her he never wanted her to watch him suffer and die. He asks her if she loves Emiliano. Of course she says yes. “Then give me the gift of seeing you happy. Nothing would make me happier than dying in your arms if there were no suffering for you to see. I must have done something good in my life to deserve you, to experience love.” Gabriel tells Emiliano to go to Paloma and talk to her.

Carlota comes out of the room with a Swine Flu mask on her face. Funny how that slender nurse’s uniform fits her perfectly!

Orly and Ange talk in a bar. He says he just got off the phone with Emiliano who told him Camila and Rafael are going to Spain. (Que? Emiliano is in the middle of finding out whether he’s the groom or the goat, and he calls his second papa to tell him the latest gossip?) Orly tells her he’s not surprised, and that there’s no worse fool than he who dreams of the impossible. Orly asks Ange not to go back to Mexico. He still has feelings for Camila, but maybe things can work out for them. Ange grins and tells him: “Let’s start by going salsa dancing!”

Liliana speaks to Ro in the church, telling her that German really loves her, and that sometimes you have to hit bottom before things get better. These two finally make up!

The doctor finds Aida unconscious and, rather than see if she’s got a concussion or anything, runs out to alert the guards about Carloca.

IN THE NAME OF LOVE SOAP OPERA : Paloma and Cris have a wonderful scene. He gives her a rundown on both guys. She’s known Em the longest and he’s honest and true. Gabe has a heart of gold, and he’s shown you how to know yourself better. But his days are numbered. He tells her he wants to see her happy. There are 3 paths: Choose Emiliano, Choose Gabriel, or remain alone. He tells her to imagine that this were her very last day. What would she do then? Forget the past; the future is always uncertain; and all we have is the present.

Carlota escapes just as the police arrive. She goes home to her house with all the furniture covered up. She ransacks her desk but cannot find Iñaki’s ring. (Yeah, Rufi!). She finds some US bucks in a box behind some books.

Paloma walks down the aisle again with Cris. She accepts a rose from some male hand and thanks him for letting her be happy. Gabe, of course. She’s at the altar with Emiliano. They’ve now given Gabriel a nice greenish tinge to his face as he goes back to a seat.

Eugenio says that he’s not much of a believer, but he prays his son won’t suffer. Camila asks Ro how she feels seeing Emiliano marry someone else. Ro admits it hurts. She says she really did love him, but they deserve to be together. Rufi thinks that Macarena arranged it all from heaven.

Carlota gets into a cab just as all the police cars roll up to her house. She’s got on a black coat and that embroidered doily. She looks kind of like an English judge. She thought bubbles that the stupid cops won’t catch her.

IN THE NAME OF LOVE SOAP OPERA :Peniche marries Paloma and Emiliano in a beautiful ceremony. He has the best speaking voice. He speaks to them of unconditional love, alluding to Gabriel’s love. He asks for the rings. Now this is weird. Camila and Romina bring the rings. Really? Romina? Rufi helps put the traditional lasso on the couple. Emiliano puts something in Paloma’s hand. Coins? Anyone know about this tradition?

Carloca grouses at the cabbie. She finally jumps out without paying him.

Everyone is outside the church congratulating the newlyweds. Rufi and Paloma both say they felt Macarena’s presence in the church.


Maggie’s bassos come on strong. La loca is crouching behind some flowers. She runs out saying “Did you really think you were going to be happy, Paloma? And you, Cris, did you think I would leave you in peace? My vengeance isn’t over yet.” She pulls out what looks like a bigger pistol than the one she used on Rodolfo and fires. Gabriel jumps in front of Paloma and is shot in the chest several times. Carlota grimaces with frustration and runs into the church.

Gabriel has a death scene worthy of an Italian opera. He tells Paloma that his desire was to die in her arms. He thought he would suffer, but all he feels is warmth in his chest. He tells Emiliano he knows she will be cared for. Paloma and Eugenio are sobbing uncontrollably. He tells his father to remake his life and dies.

Carlota is furious. She rages, “Idiot! Cheap painter! Paloma should be dead!”

IN THE NAME OF LOVE SOAP OPERA :Romina leans against her mother and is very ashamed of having allied herself with Carlota. Paloma asks why Carlota hates her so.

Cris, Cris! What possesses you to run into a church after a crazy woman with a huge gun in her hand? Let the cops chase her, for Pete’s sake!

Meanwhile Carlota is running over the rooftops like Cary Grant in To Catch a Thief. She gets to the very top and peers over at the wedding party below. She curses Paloma: “Maldita! You are a child of sin, the child of the love between Cristobal and Macarena. For this you aren’t going to stay alive.” Just as she’s about to fire, Cris grabs her arm. She screams for him to let her go. She wants to kill Paloma and then Cris. She asks him if he realizes what his lack of love for her caused. She said that all she did was love him. “We could have been so happy. I ought to have given you a daughter, not Macarena. I don’t repent anything!” We hear a shot. Carlota says, “In the name of love I tell you, we’ll see each other in the next life!” She drops off the building, but he grabs her. “Let me save you, Carlota.” She tells him she loves him, then lets go and drops down (it defies gravity how long it takes her) to the courtyard.

IN THE NAME OF LOVE SOAP OPERA: We now see the ordination of Cris as a bishop. He prostrates himself before the altar, takes communion, and then is vested by the bishop with a white robe. He is given the miter (bishop’s hat) and crosier (bishop’s staff) and walks toward Paloma, Rufi, Emiliano and Madelaine in the front row. They are all so happy for him and Madelaine is very proud.

In DF, Eugenio is with Luz and has Xochitl on his lap. He’s glad his son didn’t suffer. Luz says a really true thing – that she never saw a relationship as wonderful as Eugenio’s and Gabriel’s. Eugenio says he’s going to start a foundation in the name of his son for poor children, like Xochitl.

Romina gets a call and goes to the park with the nurse and Bernardo.

IN THE NAME OF LOVE SOAP OPERA :Someone comes around a corner in a wheelchair. The bassos intone. Whaddya know! Our favorite purple villain survived the fall. Rufi has brought her flowers. But she gets in a dig. Rufi tells her she pretended to be paralyzed and God sent her what she asked for. Rufi tells her she got cadena perpetua, a life sentence. Carloca, sweet to the end, rejects Rufi.

It turns out German is in the park (we knew that!). He’s out on parole. They play a great song about someone seeing someone dancing in the rain.

Rafa and Camila decide not to live in either house, but to live together in a new one.

German tells Ro he’s learned his lesson. He wants to be a good father. She tells him that with therapy she’s learning to be a good mother also. He says he can’t practice law anymore, but his father is helping him start a business. Ro asks if he wants to be with her for the baby. (Come on, Romina! This guy has told you 50,000 times he loves you!). He tells her of course not – he wants to be with her.

Another slow progression by wheelchair and Carlota sees Eugenio in the visitor’s room. She sarcastically tells him that maybe she did his son a favor, giving him a better death. He tells her he wants justice and that he’s personally going to see to it that she never gets out. She’s still the Queen of Denial, of course, and smirks at him that of course she’ll get out. She’s going to fight. Eugenio tells her that her punishment is appropriate: loneliness, losing her freedom, inability to get what she wants and, above all, the repudiation of everyone who has ever known her. We can tell he got to her by the way her hands grip the wheels on the chair.

German promises Romina she’ll laugh again. There’s an absolutely charming flashback of when he saw her walking by in the rain and was instantly smitten. He grabs someone’s umbrella to put over her, breaks it, and they laugh and laugh. Romina kisses German sweetly then goes to get their baby.

Carlota goes out to the basketball court (Que?) in her wheelchair. She is surrounded by the other prisoners who taunt her and call her señorita. They turn her around and around and then put her wheelchair on its side. She’s screaming for help and there’s no one around.

Emiliano and Paloma are in the square, each dressed in white. They jokingly re-enact the earlier scene when Emiliano shouted that he loved her at the top of his lungs. They both shout this many times, then kiss.


Paloma Espinosa de los Monteros
IN THE NAME OF LOVE Actress: Allisson Lozz
A cheerful and lively young lady, but because of her aunt Carlota she turned to be insecure, sad and full of tears. She has only one friend, Romina. After losing her parents and her pet, and death of her fiancé Iñaki convinces her that her love is a curse that is why she is afraid to fall in love again.


IN THE NAME OF LOVE :Macarena Espinoza de los Monteros
Actress: Victoria Ruffo
Have been dominated by her sister Carlota, and have convinced her that her father’s death was her fault. That and the pain of losing the man she loved. When she found out that she is pregnant and, when her daughter Paloma was born, Carlota forced her to give the baby to their brother to “protect their family name”. Only the pain of her “niece” Paloma will give her enough strength to stand up to Carlota.

Carlota Espinoza de los Monteros
IN THE NAME OF LOVE Actress: Leticia Calderón
She was believed by the townsfolk to be kind and generous, but actually she is manipulative and cruel. A willful, domineering woman who was raised with unbending discipline and total repression. She is ready to kill to stop her niece from escaping her control. She never allows anyone to be happy, especially her sister Macarena.

IN NTHE NAME OF LOVE :Emiliano Saenz Noriega
Actor: Sebastian Zurita
Honest, generous, courteous, a man of honor and a true friend. He keeps his love for Paloma to himself because she loves his friend Iñaki..

IN THE NAME OF LOVE : Romina Mondragon
Actress: Altair Jarabo
Her father’s desertion and her mother’s excessive dedication turn Romina into a selfish, willful young woman who always wants to be the center of attention. She is Paloma’s best friend, but sees her as a rival when they meet Emiliano.

Camila Rios
IN THE NAME OF LOVE Actress: Laura Flores
Mother of Romina who makes a mistake of being too lenient with her. Hardworking and a strong woman. She’s a good friend of Macarena and Diana, she also know Diana’s secret.

Actor: Alfredo Adame
Emiliano’s father. Hard-working, honest and very patient, while his wife Diana is quite the opposite. He files for divorce and finds the support he needs in his friend Camila. He gradually falls in love with her but does not dare to tell her.

Actor: Arturo Peniche
Tormented by guilt, he became alcoholic, but found redemption dedicating his life to God and his fellow humans. He became a priest, and when he returns to Bernal after 20 years, only to discover that his guilt was based on a cruel lie.

Orlando Ferrer
IN THE NAME OF LOVE MOVIE Actor: Víctor Cámara
He is a decent, honest, self directed businessman who lives alone and unattached. He is Emiliano’s employer and has a great deal of affection for him.