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Music can pay for you bills if you take it seriously. Luckily it depends how you sing, the tune, composition and what people can learn from the song.

After he started his career journey in early 70’s his father was not happy about it. His father felt music was not a career because it was not taken seriously. By then it was not well paying like in this days. Also in those days there were no social media platforms where your music could reach many people.

“I hind my guitar under the bed because my father didn’t want me to do music. After he realized that i had started my singing career, he wanted to cut my fingers so that i can’t play guitar again. Luckily i managed to escape.” Simon Kihara adds.

After he came to Nairobi he joined many different bands and so his music career started.A person like Dick Wanyonyi who sung Firirida helped him play the guitar in his songs.

Simon Kihara is also known as Musaimo wa Njeri. Luckily he started his music studio in 1986. Musaimo have learnt to take care, value and preserve his properties.

“Take care of what little you have in life. Also appreciate whatever you get in life. Train yourself to do things according to your income. Never pressurize yourself because you don’t have something and your neighbour is having it. Live the life you can afford. Never try to please people because of the lifestyle you are living.” He adds

Musaimo states that he preserve everything he buys. For example he have a 504 saloon car he had bought it in 1992. He had bought the car at sh.400000. But if he could sell it today it can cost sh.80000. Luckily the car have three gears. Musaimo adds that he have a solo guitar which is now 20 years old.

“There is a shoe i bought in Britain in the year 2000. It costed me 65 dollars and i still have it. I have also very old stools and chairs that i started my studio with. I also like saving time and being punctual. I don’t know what is traffic in Nairobi i always get to my studio early. I never lack car parking.” He adds.

Mentor your children about their dreams and talents. Never discourage them. Support them.

Train yourself to take care of what you have.

Preserve what you have.