A woman by the name Victoria has finally narrated her sad story.She was born and raised in Embu.In a particular day she attended her relative’s graduation ceremony where she met a man whose name was not mentioned.He approached her and they exchanged numbers.However, Victoria claimed she not interested so he blocked the number right after the graduation.Their was no communication between the two for more than a year.

In a particular day,Victoria was seriously ill and had to undergo surgery.She was taken to q referral hospital for treatment by one of her close relatives.According to her,her relative informed the man whom she blocked a year ago.He came and he could frequently visit her in the hospital untill she was cleared to go home.The two became close and love ruled the air, eventually after a couple of months her surgical wounds were healed and he asked her to go and stay with him at his place.Victoria claimed that she had no idea that the man was married.She stayed with him and started a life together

She narrated that in a particular day she came across a message from the co-wife in her husbands phone,she however tried asking the husband and he confessed to her that he was married and had kids.

Victoria claimed that she attempted to leave him and went to stay with one of her friends.Upon realizing that she was 3 months pregnant she went back to him and they stayed together.

According to her narration the two wives met in a very odd situation,she claimed that the husband was sick and she took him to the hospital for surgery.The other co-wife whom Victoria had never met showed up in the hospital after a couple of weeks after the surgery was successful.she said that the man introduced the two to each other and at that point that is when they first met.

Victoria claimed that her predicaments started after she got married to him.She revealed that her first born child was frequently sick and he was admitted in the hospital on and off till the baby was two years old.However, she claimed that after a period of one year, when she had thought that the sickness was gone the child started getting sick again.This forced her to leave her marriage to avoid more predicaments which she claimed they were just curses.The man caters for her children but they are no longer together.

She confessed that these predicaments were just consequences for her actions to have an affair with someones wife.Victoria apologized to her fellow co-wife for taking away her husband.She is currently living a life full of regrets .