Hi Charles,
I am Mary 22years old, been in relationship with this guy for 2 years now and I love him to death and guess he also does. The problem is that he is too Jealousy and does not want any male friend near me, this makes me to part ways with my friends so as to keep Relationship alive. He doesn’t want any male Friend to even hug me when we go out. The other time I met my 2 college classmates and they hugged me continuously, they also liked lots of jokes and called me sweet girl and that I was becoming more beautiful every day, my boyfriend go so angry pulled my hand and told me to leave and I was so embarrassed. He also doesn’t want me to chat with any male friend. He always tells me he doesn’t trust me alone when I go out and always sends his friends to spy on me. I am too afraid to lose him and fear that it may happen if I tell him because I love him so much. I am trustable and never cheated on him but fee so uncomfortable with his jealousy and separating me from my male friends. Please help me on what to do.

Hi Mary, Jealousy can be big challenge in relationships and sometimes lead to break-ups. Some view it from negative perspective but it may be a sign sincerity, honesty and love of your partner. There is no doubt that he loves you from your information. You first try to talk to him freely like kind of joke while smiling as not to get him angry and tell him about the problem am sure he will listen and change, secondly you should understand that stress, jealousy and other challenges are part of relationship sometimes you can assume them as if they never happened. Thirdly the jealousness may have been fuelled by your behavior or trying to hide something from him. He may be fearing that you may leave him for another man, so stay close to him and prove to him that you are satisfied with what he is offering you. Be proud of him even hold his hand when walking in public, this will make him comfortable and sure that you have nothing to hide from you.

Editor: Dr. Charles Oseko