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What are ways to survive a terrorist attack ? There is no guaranteed way to avoid a terror attack, but there are things you can do that will increase your chances of survival.


Security authorities around the world now agree that the best course of action is NOT to shelter in place – in other words, hide under your desk – but to RUN to safety if you can, or to HIDE in a secure location.

1. Dont panic and let your indecision slow you down, Listen and hear the direction the gunshots are coming from, identify safe exit point and run, insist on others who are confused to run with you . if you cant run to safety then hide. Avoid bottlenecks

2. if you plan to hide, hide in a place with a physical barrier that can prevent you from gunshots. if possible lock yourself from inside and barricade the place with heavy objects on the door. Keep away from doors or window. If you can’t flee, then lay down behind the hardest cover available, ideally reinforced concrete or masonry. Forget everything you’ve seen in the movies. Don’t rely on tables, cars, chipboard/pasteboard walls, appliances or furniture—except to hide from view or to shield you from falling objects. Don’t err toward metals: Most metals in buildings and automobiles are thin sheets of soft aluminum or mild steel, which are easily perforated by bullets and blown into secondary projectiles by blast.

3. Stay quiet turn your phone to silent mode.

4. Call the police or help after you have run into a safe area

5. Once the police are evacuating people they may be unable o distinguish you and the other, always follow the instructions and don’t do anything that may look as threat

6. Be alert to unusual behavior. If you see someone enter a building through an unusual route, such as a fire escape, be prepared. It might just be that person’s shortcut, but if he pulls out a weapon you’re already ahead of the game and ready to act.

7. Check out all the exits from your location. Walking through a shopping mall, look for the green exit signs. Restaurants always have an exit out the back in the kitchen area, it may be closer and safer than the front door.

8. According to an ex-SAS officer, arming yourself with a pint could help you survive a terrorist knife attack. He says that throwing any liquid on an attacker – be it hot or cold – could give you a better chance of survival. He also recommends hitting them in the head with a briefcase, or using a pub garden umbrella or stool as a weapon. Geddes believes the best approach to take when faced with an attacker is to team up with people around you and work together to overpower them. The worst tactic, according to Geddes, is to stay unarmed on the floor. 60-year-old John Geddes spent 14 years in the elite special forces unit.

9. fight if there is no any other option . If you are confronted with an unavoidable threat without an exit or cover, fight with everything available and encourage the crowd to overwhelm the attackers. Some may die, but eventually the majority must triumph.