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Funny Ending to Woman who fell in Love with Man from Safaricom customer care

Can you really fall in love by just hearing someone’s voice ? when it comes to falling in love, some people are initially attracted to a pretty face, or a warm smile, and for some it is the sound of their love’s voice.

There are various degrees of love, from attraction, to having a crush or deeper emotions, but one conclusion that can be drawn is that great voice increases someone’s attractiveness.

When people say someone’s voice as attractive , they also tended to evaluate the person as attractive. Physical appearance also had the same effect on interpersonal attraction. Regardless of the gender of the target person,a bright, generous and low-toned voice, with a small range of pitch, is always evaluated as being attractive.

By now, we can all agree that the attendants behind Safaricom’s social media platforms are savages.

A kenyan lady got a savage response by Safaricom after declaring her Love to a Male customer care attendant. she wanted them to give her personal number because the next time she called, she got attended by female attendant.

In an hilarious response, Safaricom replied telling her not to worry because she already has father in heaven.

Did she really deserve this ? feel free to comment below