Did you know uhuru kenyatta quotes that once trended in Kenya ? well here are quotes you didn’t know


1. “Kwani mimi ndio natunga sheria si ni wabunge?…Shetani”-To Nanok

2. “Alafu mjinga anasimama hapa kunitisha, ashindwe shetani kabisa…mtupigie kura, mkose kutupigia kwani dunia itaisha” -To Gov. Nanok

3. “Mtalipa…afadhali niseme ukweli, title deed mtalipa-hamkutupigia kura”-To Likoni residents/ Coasterians.

4. “Kwani Mnafikiria sisi ni wajinga aje?”-To Doctors

5. “Mademoni’-To Musalia

6. “Mjinga na Mganga’- To Peoples’ President Raila

7. ‘Magaziti ni za kufunga nyama’-To the Media

8. “Can’t Pay won’t Pay”-To teachers

9. “Tunakula nyama nyinyi mkimeza mate”-To the opposition

10. “Sasa Mnataka nifanye nini Jameni”-To kenyans

11. “Ghai! Anataka aende mpaka kwa world reserve bank ?”-To the Auditor general


1. If Kenya is a hotbed, it is a hotbed of entrepreneurs, a hotbed of positive zeal and energy.’

2. ‘Sometimes when I look at my Facebook and Twitter, and see some of the comments, I wonder why we went digital. If we cannot use modern tools go fight primitive thinking, why insult each other why hate each other?’

3. ‘If Diaspora could sit and mobilize their money collectively they would get better returns, for instance if they put their savings in one basket we could have a Diaspora bond.’

4. They are taking us for fools, i want to tell those in courts, we have respected you. But do not think respect is cowardice. And we will not allow our opponents to use the courts and to intimidate the IEBC, thinking they will win using the back door.

5. ‘We need to appreciate that we can have different shades of opinion.’

6. ‘As large parts of the world age, Africa grows younger by the day. The youthful sons and daughters of Africa are our incredible resource.’

7. ‘We did not make pledges to our supporters, but to the People of Kenya.’

8. ‘We go into politics for leadership. Politics is not about making enemies, but respecting choices.’

9. ‘This country, this continent, does not claim perfection — but we can claim progress.’

10. Gone are the days when the only lens to view our continent was one of despair and indignity.

11. ‘Africa is the world’s newest and most promising frontier of limitless opportunity.’

12. ‘Kenya is aligned to neither East nor West; we are, firmly and irreversibly, aligned to progress.’

13. ‘We see, as clearly as anyone that true opportunity demands the respect for human dignity, fundamental rights & protection of democratic ideals.’

14. ‘We have not traveled this road before and we must seek God’s guidance in walking this unchartered terrain.’

15. Mr. Obama, this is not your first trip to Kenya, but yesterday, you arrived riding on the wings of history.– Uhuru Kenyatta quotes

16. Your Holiness, like you, as a nation we want to combat the vices of corruption which sacrifice people and the environment in the pursuit of illegal profit, holy Father, I ask for your prayer as we fight this war. – Uhuru Kenyatta quotes