1 Cannot publicly display you on her social media platforms

We are on the social media days and one of the ways to see clearly that a woman is deeply in love with you and proud of being part of you is when they are not afraid of letting the whole world know about you. Does she tag you on her photos. Can she comfortably post your photos on her social media pages or is she one that tries her best to let people not know you. A woman should reach that level of letting the world know you then you can know that she is fully committed to the relationship

2 Cannot give you free access to their social media platforms

Yes we know it is good to have privacy even in marriage. This age of Smartphones has made many people to have deeper secrets hidden in their passwords. You will find a couple living under the same roof but living in a very strange manner. Why should you hide from your partner and deny him access to your phone and yet you’re living together, what is it that you are hiding from them? If your woman cannot comfortably give you access to her phone and even has several passwords, then you should ask yourself a lot of questions as a man.

3. She cannot use money given to her for anything substantial

An extravagant kind of woman should not be trusted. Does she spend money for things that are not even important at the expense of those that are so important? Any Woman that is not good at using money and is very extravagant should not be trusted especially with big cash because that may pose a challenge to the whole family. Most men become motivated to even spend more on a woman when the see the mine doing the right thing and even making a difference.

4 Makes critical decisions in life without your input

Once you are married or In a serious relationship that is to going to lead to marriage, your partner becomes like the next of kin and has to be aware of every critical decision that you make in life. Let him not just hear that you bought a car unless you wanted to give him a surprise gift. Any time you involve a man, they feel honored and respected in the relationship

5 She cannot ask you for money or borrow you cash for her needs

A woman should not be afraid of asking for cash from her man unless there are more underlying issues in their lives. Does your woman comfortably ask you for cash or she just does things on her own. Regardless of whether or not she earns more than you do, the man has to feel That he is in control and still the head of the family. If your woman doesn’t ask for cash from and you know very well that you’re not the problem, please make sure you find out because that raises a lot of questions.

6 Does not tell you the amount of money she earns

What is the essence of staying together as husband and wife if there are secrets that you still hide? There has to be openness and trust and that is what establishes a good relationship. Any woman who hides the amount of money she earns should not be trusted.

7. Does not check on you to ensure you are okay but wants you to always do That

Some women only want to be called on phone but they rarely do it themselves. They only expect you to call them and check on them but they don’t reciprocate the same. Such should not be trusted be it your wife or girlfriend because communication is a two way thing..

8 . Cannot buy you a gift of any kind

Unlike men, women are generally givers but there are those who may feel like they are entitled to gifts from their men yet they don’t do anything themselves. They will forget your special dates and expect you to always have theirs in mind. Has your woman ever bought you a gift of any kind? Is she just a receiver or she also gives? This are the simple things that build a relationship that shouldn’t be ignored