For years we’ve heard about the health benefits of eating eggs. Eggs are a cheap, versatile source of protein, and we’ve scrambled, poached, baked and whipped them into everything from soups to custards. But what about the eggshell?

Instead of tossing those eggshells from breakfast, try saving them for these incredible uses.

1. Makes Face Glow and Radiant: 

(a) Take 1 tsp of eggshell powder in a bowl.Add unprocessed honey to form a paste. Apply on the face, let it dry completely and then wash it off. Your skin will become smooth and glowing…

(b) Mix 1 tsp of eggshell powder with some whisked egg whites and apply on your face. This works as a hydrator as well as exfoliator and doing it thrice a week will add a natural glow to your skin. So easy!

2. Makes Hair Grow and Glossy: 

Take 2 tbsp Eggshell Powder in a bowl. Add curd to form a thick smooth paste. Apply all over the hair, wait for 20 minutes before washing it off. This makes the hair shiny and glossy.

3. Can be used as Fertilizer: 

Like nitrogen and phosphorus, plants need calcium to thrive and it’s deficiency could lead to stunted growth, twisted leaves and dark spots. One easy and cheap way to give your plants calcium is by adding eggshell powder to the soil while planting. You can also stir the eggshell powder into the soil, or put some quantity in a jar and leave for 4 days. Then use it to water your plants.

4. As a Calcium Supplement:

Eggshell powder can be used as replacement for calcium supplement pills. Put 1 tsp of the eggshell powder in a glass of water. Stir and drink every morning. The calcium will help re-grow teeth, prevent osteoporosis and joint pain. Helps grow your nails too.

5. As Teeth Whitener: 

Eggshell powder is a great teeth whitener. Mix 1 tsp of eggshell powder with a pinch of baking soda in a cup. Add unrefined coconut oil to form a paste. Use this paste to brush your teeth weekly, it will help get rid of plaque and tartar from teeth and will make it whiter and brighter.

You can also use only the Powder: Rub it against your teeth every morning. Egg shells contain calcium and other minerals that strengthen the enamel, makes teeth squeaky clean and eventually even help your teeth fight cavities.

The 3rd method is to brush your teeth twice in a week with a mixture of crushed coal powder and eggshell powder. This makes your teeth sparkle and gum free of diseases.

6. For Skin Treatment:

This is the best natural product you can use to combat inflammations, rashes and other skin infections. Put 1 tsp of eggshell powder a bowl of apple cider vinegar. Let this soak for 5 days. Dip a cotton ball in this mixture and apply it wherever needed on the skin, leave it on for 30 minutes, rinse and start seeing the results within a few days. Apply this mixture over your cuts or wounds or even on any kind of skin irritation, like eczema, wring worm, black spots and any unwanted marks on your skin.

7. Clear Up Your Skin:

Add 3 tbsp of eggshell powder to 1 tbsp of honey. Mix the content to one and then apply it over your blemishes and marks. This remedy will clear your skin in 1 week.

8. Powerful Cleaner

Eggshell powder makes a wonderful (and nontoxic!) abrasive for those tough-to-clean pots and pans. Mix them with a little soapy water for a powerful clean.

9. Better Tasting Coffee:

Add some eggshell powder to ground coffee before brewing it to make it taste less bitter.

10. Laundry Whitener:

Put 1 tbsp of eggshell powder to your laundry detergent, the gray tint to your whites will disappear.

11. Fertilizer – Since egg shells are filled with calcium and many other mineral deposits, therefore they work greatly as fertilizer for the gardens. And can help in growing of plants more quickly.

12. You can use them to prepare chicken feeds

13. You can use them to plant flowers in your house.

14. For Artistic work – Egg shells can be used for artistic purposes as well. From egg shells you can design beautiful carvings. Similarly you can draw the paintings on egg shells for decorations.

importance of egg shells