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Current life of Man who invented ‘ni kama Drama ni Kama video’ slogan ?

Joseph Mburu is the man behind the famous slogan ‘ ni kama drama ni kama vindio’ in 2013 . His clip about him recapping a robbery incidence in Kasarani then went viral and soon enough Kenyans were using it.

Immediately after being featured on Citizen TV’s Heka Heka and Truth Metre, he became an instant celebrity with several Facebook pages about him popping up. One of this is ‘JOSE the Witneser “nikama ndrama ni kama vindio’, which has several likes.


He enjoyed several weeks of fame, including interviews on numerous radio stations and Churchill Show, but since he did not have more to offer, his fame seemed to have died a natural death.

After going underground for a while he is back he came back as witness during Westgate attack .He was quoted saying to K24 and KTN “Me I just lan (run) away. Am waiting for my servant. Am very safety”.

This was an effort to redeem himself and gain lost popularity.


After years of disappearance from limelight , Safaricom returned him to our screens with another perfect narration and Lucrative offer. They even made sure he wore the same shirt.The confidence from this guy was just from another world.

He was one of the people who were contracted by Safaricom in ‘story Ibambe’ promotion where subscribers get bonus airtime for talking longer.

That is how he rose from Grass to Grace as Safaricom really pays handsomely for their adverts.