1 Poor hygeine

I wasn’t even going to include this but based on some of my past dates, it still needs to be said. Brush your teeth. Shower daily. Wear deodorant. Wash your clothes.


This shouldn’t have to be said, guys. It is a turn off for women when you can’t take care of even the most minor of adult responsibilities. HEALTH BENEFITS OF APPLYING EGG ON FACE

2 Trash talking your ex

You might think that calling your ex crazy makes it seem like you’re over her. In fact, it does the opposite. And on top of that, it is a major turn off for women. When you trash talk your ex, you aren’t being honest or fair

3 Being judgmental

Not everyone has the same preferences. That is all fine and well. Maybe you like tattoos. Or perhaps you are into girls with long hair. To each their own.

4 Laziness

We all have lazy moments. I took a nap this afternoon. But being lazy occasionally and having lazy as a personality trait are not the same.

You should be motivated to do something. Whether you have a creative hobby, are dedicated to your job, or even better, volunteer having something you care about and focus on is hot.

5 Being too aggressive

This is a turn off for girls. And this is a turn off for women. Sure, some women like a guy who takes control, but that is not the same as being aggressive.

6 Being dismissive

Women have been ignored and silenced for so long. Please, do not play into that.

If she says she wants to meet at the restaurant for safety, don’t accuse her of being paranoid. If she doesn’t want to give you her address even after you’ve met, don’t call her crazy. Gaslighting her like this is one of the biggest turn offs for women.

7 Blatant rudeness

Sometimes, we can be rude by accident. I’ve bumped into someone and been so caught up in my own world I didn’t apologize. But blatant rudeness is another story. Being rude is a turn off for women. If you’re rude to someone you barely know, how will you treat the people in your everyday life?

8 Being close-minded

We all have our opinions, but not willing to hear her out is a turn off for girls. You don’t need to agree with everything she says, as I’m sure she won’t agree with everything you say. But, being open to hearing her take is what makes a good date.

9 Mixed signals

Mixed signals may be one of the biggest turn offs for women there is. I’m serious. All women want is honesty. Be straightforward. No one wants mind games. The amount of effort it takes to date without all the confusion is enough. Who has the energy to be keeping it mysterious ?

10 White lies

Little white lies might seem like a good way to impress a girl, but she will find out and it will be a turn off. Sure, white lies like, “I love your dress” are fine. But white lies about your job, your past, or even your future plans are not so sweet.

11 Insecurity

One of the biggest turn offs for women is a guy who’s insecure about himself. If you’re not confident about yourself, it shows. Now, nerves are normal. Everyone gets nervous. But, insecurity is another thing entirely.