It has been trend for top stars to adopt children from children homes. And now rapper CMB Prezzo has followed the same footsteps.
He posted a picture in instagram adopting the child at Grace Community children home. The new member of Prezzo family is Gabriel Prezzo. His funs around him were quick to congratulate him for the same and wishing him best of luck. However few naughty ones slammed the move as hypocritical.
Adopting a child is not an easy exercise as many may think as it involves very tricky procedures. The legal ups and downs are so intense. For starter you cannot adopt a child of opposite sex. You must also prove beyond no reasonable doubt you will be able to take of child. Your character is also called into question.

prezzo son

I feel L.O.V E#GraceCommunityChildrensHome The youngen I am carrying is now the newest member of CMB. Ladies & Gentlemen meet Gabriel Prezzo #Rapcellency#TrulyUnruly #👑 جاكسون مكيني👑

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R-on BobaFor me, this is a joke of all time.He (Prezzo) abandoned his own child.. And now doing this stunt.. #GodDamnIt”

Mathews Ojayneyo OjwangSome people are naturaly bitter and very jealous,how do u sit there doing nothing but abussing someone who has decided to adopt and help a child who has no parents?for crying out loud lets stop this nonesence and for those saying prezo cant take care of her own child u are very wrong and God will punish you for lying,this guy has always loved the child since she was born.atleast he has saved one life,ask uaself what have you done apart from acting like a fool and abusing noble people with big hearts,who cares if its a public stunt,at the end of the day u are only hating because you are selfish and cant even help ua neighbour yet God amekubless,ushindwe pepo nyeusi.Kudos Prezzo,God bless u,maadui muendelee kula wivu na matusi yenu.”

Larry Mwauriadopting a child doesnt mean one cant procreate..God bless u..am on that way of getting myself one”

Samuel NgoleWe r too quick to judge people and yet you don’t know both sides o the story,u will make all the noise u want but at the end of the day prezzo will go on with his life, that’s why God said you should not judge, he knew we don’t have the capability to do so fairly”

Cindy Sweet….And why the cameras, couldn’t he just walk into the hospital, present the papers to adopt then carry the baby away quietly. In the Bible Jesus referred to such as Pharasees/Saducees!”

Chelimo PreciousLabda ni wake but hakutaka aibu n his not ready. Akalipa dem n ajifanye ana adopt.u know this world I don’t believe anything. Sorry”

Demax Muxilythat’s the work of illuminate ,u must follow their rules.infact that child may serve as sacrifice. watch out…..”

Editor: Mzalendo Mkenya

Source: Mpasho