We will play games on the iPad…it is research!

It is important that you can understand the difference between there, their and they’re.
Week night parties must stop.

You try coping with 20+ kids when you have 2 hours sleep! Read also HOW TO MAKE LADY SMILE WHEN SHE IS MAD

We really do enjoy shopping…at stationery stores.

Our official hours are 9-3 but we have 20+ students then – we have to prepare and mark after hours.

We will sometimes say “well done”, “nice job” to you without even looking up from what we are doing.
We are multi-tasking geniuses. We cannot understand how you can only do one thing at once.

Sometimes kids are hard (really hard). We will need to be greeted with a glass of wine on these occasions.

You will have to listen to cute anecdotes every single night…we apologise in advance.

As time passes and you listen to all the stories, you will find yourself asking about the little people in my class who you have never met. “How did Jack go at the pool today? Did he swim all the way?” “Did Amy’s dad make it home in time for her birthday on the weekend?”

When we have children, some names will just be completely off limits.
Whinging will not be tolerated. We get enough of that at work.

Dieticians have got it wrong – coffee should be at the base of the food pyramid.

Colour coding is in our blood. Just go with it when we reorganise things by colour.

Laminating is an obsession. It’s not dangerous so just let that go also.

Write your name on everything…it is a fundamental teacher rule.

We will embarrass you socially when we start handing out tissues to sniffing adults…we may even hold the tissue to their nose, tilt our heads to the side, raise our eyebrows and say “let’s just get rid of all that yucky stuff”.

We will straighten lines at the restaurant buffet. Just say “teacher”. They will all understand.

We will want to fix spelling errors on café signs. Don’t let us. Make us breathe deeply and count to 10.

We may use our “grumpy voice” sometimes at home. Just remind us where we are.

We may sometimes pack extra lunches. Some families are just doing it tough.

We may request you help build things, make things, cook things, paint things…

We will ask you to listen to numerous problems faced by the little people in our care.

We take all these problems on and then need to unload them on someone.

When we are angry, we may still be smiling. Look for the steam coming out our ears.

Sometimes we will bring our teacher friends home and you will feel you have entered a madhouse. It’s great stress relief for us.

Our “teacher look” may not scare you but we think it works.

Any instructions we give may be followed by “do you understand?”

When watching the budget being handed down we may resemble a sports nut watching his team lose.

On the winery bus tours you will find us counting the group as they get back on the bus each time. We can still do it without pointing – watch our eyes and you will see the focus.

We love kids, we love to see them grow and learn. If you don’t love kids too then not sure it will work