Auntie Boss is a Kenyan comedy-drama television series. we look at auntie boss episodes, characters, producer, actors, actresses and cast. It delves into the lives of domestic house helps in a fictional Taifa Estate (Loresho Ridge) and their everyday drama as it revolves around the families they work for and activities within the neighbourhood. It reflects the normal Kenyan culture about the relationships the house helps have with their bosses. The story also features a lifestyle of the high class society in Kenya.


Nyce Wanjeri as Shiru- shiru of auntie boss is quite illiterate. She is easily swayed by more intelligent people than her. At one time she is conned and all the Maingi family domestic properties are lost. Her boss’ is quite fond of her despite her gruesome nature making her less susceptible to being fired.

Sospeetah Kiritu as Amos; he is Vashita’s loyal maid. Being the only male maid in Taifa Estate, Amos is obedient and knows all boundaries between an employer and his employee.

Sandra Dacha as Silprosa – siprosa of auntie boss is a gourmand. She often faces criticism for her plus size.

Grace Muna as Vanessa, Shiru’s boss and Kyle’s mother.Her real name is Grace Muna and in the Auntie Boss series, she acts as Maingi’s wife, Kyle’s mother and Shiro’s boss. She leaves her son Kyle in the care of Shiro whenever she goes to work. Vanessa is the typical Kenyan working mum who does not have time for estate shenanigans or any such silly business. She adores her son Kyle and it is for this reason that she keeps Shiro around, as she is very good with Kyle. This is despite the fact that an episode of Auntie Boss rarely goes by without Shiro being involved in one mischievous act or the other.

Shadya Delgush as Malkia; Silprosa’s former boss.

Eve D’Souza as Varshita is the perfect example of an upper class boss. She is of Indian origins and girlfriend to Donavan. Varshita is extremely difficult to be with. She leads an extravagant lifestyle that only burdens his boyfriend Donavan in auntie boss series.She is nagging, clingy, overly dramatic, and psychotic and she would do anything to cling to her boyfriend, Donovan, including faking an infectious disease or her own death then pretending to be her twin sister just so she can keep the love of her life, Donovan. At one point, she wore a disturbing horror mask just so that she could scare away Don’s sister. If you think you have met someone who tops the list of psychotic personalities, Varshita will make you eat humble pie

Maqbul Mohammed as Donavan, Varshita’s boyfriend- Donovan of auntie boss, whose real name is Maqbul Mohammed, is Varshita’s reluctant boyfriend in the Auntie Boss series. He has been used to represent a man who has been through hell and back in the name of love just because of his girlfriend, Varshita. This is as his ‘better half’, Varshita, is not the kind of woman you shake off easily. When he is not being stalked and spooked in his own house, he is being coerced into a marriage proposal by a control freak woman who does not mind putting him in a cast if it means she will have to take care of him. Their relationship is an example of toxic love that has transcended into a spin-off.

David Opondoe as Victor Mayweather – Victor Mayweather of auntie boss, whose real name is David Opondoe, is Don’s best friend, Silprosa’s employer, and the neighborhood’s most spendthrift resident. He is the stereotypical Luo man, a man who knows how much he is worth and who is not afraid to let it be known. Moreover, he is one man who is not afraid of showing off his women and showering them with gifts and the likes. He is known to engage his domestic help Silprosa in constant battles as they both seek to control the Mayweather household.

Mathew Mwangi as Kyle, Vanessa and Maingi’s son.

Gloria Owichira as Ndinda

Joyce Maina as Jojo

Arthur Macharia as Brian

Nick Odhiambo as Teacher Japolo

John Wagatua as Njeru

Sifa Githinji as Sifa

Allan Ngujiri as Babu

cosmas – Cosmas of auntie boss, whose real name is Abdul Karim Athman, plays the part of a mischevious watchman of Taifa Estate. He has his own side hustles besides the job, mainly because he is money-thirsty and will do anything to get to make an extra buck. His side hustles have majorly caused him to get into trouble with his employers, the residents of Taifa Estate, but has this ever stopped him? No.


This can be downloaded from their official Youtube channel and from Maisha magic East official.


Executive producer
Producer-  Linus Kaikai
Production location – Nairobi Loresho Ridge
Editor –  Victor Oluoch
Running time – 22—24 minutes
Production company – Moonbeam Production

AUNTIE BOSS RELEASE DATE : 16 September 2014 – present