If you remember the following 5 things in your quest for romance, you’ll have the best chance of ending up happy and satisfied in the long term!


1 It’s Important To Know Yourself First

Many people throw themselves into relationships without thinking about their values and goals. You’ll have a much smoother ride if you build up a clear picture of what you want from life and then go out to look for a partner who wants the same thing.

For example, do you want children? Is it important to practice a shared religion? Do you want to continue to live in the same country as you’re in now? What kind of work-life balance do you want to maintain? Knowing the answers to these sorts of deal-breaking questions can save you a lot of hassle and heartache in the dating world.

2 Love Isn’t Going To Fix You
This may sound like a harsh thing to face, but it’s actually something you need to acknowledge if you’re going to find the right partner. To attract a genuine soul mate, it’s Helpful to focus on all the great things a happy relationship can provide, such as meaningful companionship, deep intimacy, mutual love, and laughter.

If, in contrast, you’re hoping to find a partner because you think this will get rid of your insecurities or heal some past trauma, the truth is that you’d be better off working to feel better about yourself before you look to enter a relationship.

3.It Looks Different Every Time

If you’ve had a decent amount of dating experience, chances are that you’ve already been in love at least one before. However, don’t make the mistake of assuming that you’ll feel or experience all the same things this time around.

Not only are you interacting with a different person, but you too are a different person than you were the last time you were in love.

In sum, every experience of falling in love is unique, and that doesn’t make it better or worse than a previous experience

4.You Can Be Happy Without Love

Don’t become so fixated on the idea of having a partner that you begin to think it’s necessary for your happiness. You can live a meaningful, joyful existence without being in a relationship. Indeed, there are certain perks to the single life that you have to give up when you’re with someone in the long-term.

It’s only by learning that you’re self-sufficient and by giving up desperation for love that you’ll be able to attract it properly.

5.Take away high expectations

While you should definitely maintain (realistically) high standards and hold boundaries when looking for love, you’re shooting yourself in the foot if you cling too tightly to a rigid image of your ideal partner.

For example, if you’ve told yourself you’ll only meet the right person through your social circle and that he’ll definitely be a tall, blonde-haired guy, you might look right past the dark-haired gentleman trying to get your attention at work conference