You will never regret marrying a decent guy because he will bless your life. A lousy husband, on the other hand, will shatter your dreams and crush your heart.

Here are Characteristics of a Good Husband

1 You must be your wife’s best friend:

You must be your wife’s best friend if you want to be a decent husband. Your wife should always be the first person to hear about the nice things that happen to you, just like you would tell your friends. Allow your wife to be your most intimate and best friend.

2 You have to defend your wife:

Every good husband’s principal responsibility is to safeguard his wife. Never allow someone to disrespect your wife, and if this happens in the future, you must protect her to show that you truly love her. If you let someone insult your wife and get away with it, you’ve opened the door for someone to beat her up in the future. Make it known to others that you are always by your wife’s side, not the other way around.

3 You must take care of your physical well-being:

If you truly want your wife’s love for you to grow, you must learn how to appear nice at all times. Most men no longer care about themselves after their marriage since they have grown too accustomed to their wife. Brethren, it is not terrible for you to always appear good in front of your wife, dress nicely, and shave your hair; this will make your wife appreciate you even more, and her love for you will grow.

4 Encourage her to pursue her goals:

In the same manner that you want your wife to support your dream in order for you to succeed, you must also support her dream. Don’t mock her for her dream, don’t dismiss her dream; instead, encourage her and support her dream, since if she succeeds, it will benefit both of you.

5 Accept her errors: Proverbs 10:12.

Because no one on this planet is perfect, you must learn to tolerate your wife’s mistakes. At any point in their lives, everybody can commit a mistake. If you are concerned about her faults, you can always help her remedy them.

6 Keep the romance alive:

No matter how long you’ve been married to your wife, you must keep the romance alive if you want it to appear as if you’ve only been married. It’s easy for the romance to fade away after a long marriage, but as a husband, don’t let it. Take your wife out on a date, attend events with her, and give her gifts from time to time.

7 You must act as a leader or head: Ephesians 5: 23.

As the husband, you must be the home’s leader; you must be dependable, and you must be able to lead your family down the proper route in life. You should make an effort to be a good role model for your children.

8 You must be trustworthy:

A good husband must remain devoted regardless of the temptation, avoid flirting with other women, and be afraid of losing his wife.

9 You must have faith in your wife:

A good husband has faith in his wife; you don’t have to treat her like any other person or as if she is a cheater in order to trust her. Because all you have as husband and wife belongs to both of you, it is your right to entrust your wife with your assets, money, and all that belongs to you.

10 You must always express gratitude.

You must always express gratitude to your wife for everything she does for you, your children, family, and friends. Your wife will be motivated to accomplish more if you express your gratitude to her

11 Patience is required:

A good husband must be patient with his wife; you must not become enraged over minor disagreements with your wife, children, family, or even strangers. Whatever is going on in your household, you must learn to tolerate and bear it.

12 Always be there for your wife:

Every man who wishes to live in a happy family must be supportive of his wife. It is your responsibility to assist your wife in all of her good decisions, her dreams, and some of the domestic duties at home, as well as the children