1  Is the man only after her body or the love is genuine

Most women find it difficult to know the real intentions of the man whether already in marriage or even in dating. We’ll of course we know that some people are only after sex and That is the one thing that women are so much afraid of. Is the man really in love or he only wants to use the woman. This is number one fear that most women have. Some men will dump any woman once they get what they wanted and That one thing women fear about men. This leaves most of them in a state of, hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

2. Will he change after we get married

This is another thing that every woman is afraid of when in a relationship with any man. Is the man going to change after they are married. We have seen such things happening and after marriage, a woman gets to discover and see the true colours of a man. Since it is hard to know really know the true character of a person, most women become afraid to some extent.

3. What if I am not able to have children with him

It is everyone’s dream to be a parent and especially in men. Everyone entering marriage expects that after some time the will be able to start and raise a family. But what if the children cannot come due to one reason or another? You will may never know how a man will react incase you are genuinely unable to have children. Some men chose to even marry other wives and this is one thing that most women fear about men.

4. Will he change when he becomes wealthy and financially stable

A man’s loyalty in most cases is tested when he is very wealthy and stable financially and is able to afford anything. We have heard of many men who met their wives when they were not so okay when it comes to finances, after years with the help of their wives some of them become rich and the first thing they do is ditch their wives and look for other women and even cheat. This is one thing that most if not all women are afraid of. Whether the man will still be loyal even when he is extremely rich

5. Will he still be in love with me even as I age?

This is a question that most women ask themselves whether in marriage or dating. As time passes one ages and with aging comes lots of changes. The face may not be as smooth as it was initially, the figure may not be as it was initially but will the man still be in love. Some men change and this is what makes most women afraid.

6. Their relationship with young women

We have heard of sugar daddies and this are married men who prey on younger women and we see it to be very common in many ways. Most women fear this habit that is seen in most men and their love for young women especially when their wives become old.

7. Will he leave me and make me a single mother

We have seen in the recent years that there is a significant increase in the number of single mothers in the country. Most children are being raised by only one parent and this is actually a great threat to the future of our country. Some men have feared to take up responsibilities while in other cases men are not entirely to be blamed. This has become one of the number one fears of most women.

8. Will he trust me if I tell him something wrong about his mother

We all know that most men are so much attached to their wives and some relationships have even had to end just because of parental interference. It is hard to convince a man that his own mother has done a wrong thing unless the man is one that is very mature and understands and is able to know how to treat the wife and the mother.

10. Does he have other women and only lying to me

Women sometimes find it difficult to believe That a man only has one woman in his life. Men are sometimes good at faking and this is another things that most women fear about men.