Which are the most expensive schools in Kenya 2019 ? The world is fast changing and at least, basic education is important as it opens up a child’s mind for numerous ideas and opportunities. However, there are some schools which are very expensive for the common mwananchi.


1.  International School of Kenya (ISK) – The International School of Kenya (ISK) has over 940 students from more than 60 countries . Around a quarter are American, with Kenyan, British, Canadian, Swedish and Dutch nationalities following in representation. The International School of Kenya (ISK) is an international school for pre-kindergarten to grade 12 located on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya. It was established in 1976 and has a 25 hectare campus. This is most expensive school in kenya

Admission fee- Ksh 40,000

Tuition per year from Kindergarten to grade 12 ranges from Ksh 1,500,000 to Ksh 2,900,000

Bus Fees- Ksh 190,000

2. Greensteds International school -it is one of the most expensive schools in kenya.  Located along the Nakuru-Nairobi Highway. he admission fee is Ksh 25,000 for early years and Ksh 50,000 for years 1-13. Tuition boarding fee ranges from Ksh 349,000 to Ksh 734,500 per term. Fees for day scholars is between Ksh 114,000 to Ksh 374,000 per term

These fees are per term and boarding fees are inclusive of all accommodation, meals and tuition. Textbooks and exercise books are provided, as are Lunch and snack breaks for day students.

3. St Andrews Turi – Located in Turi, location between Kericho and Nakuru, parents pay Ksh 304,000 at the reception on day one.uition boarding fee ranges from Ksh 578,000 to Ksh 730,000 per term. Fees for day scholars is between Ksh 304,000 to Ksh 475,000 per term. it is one of most expensive schools in Kenya.

4. Aga Khan Academy – The Aga Khan Academy is located in the Parklands neighborhood of Nairobi. They teach using the International Baccalaureate Curriculum, used by over 4,000 schools in the world. They charge a fee of Ksh 1,107,000 per year for grade 11-12 students.

5. Brook House School – Brookhouse School is located along Magadi Road in Langata. They offer a  British curriculum from preparatory to secondary level. Their year 12- 13 pay a whopping fee of Ksh 1,080,000 per term. Below is Brook House School full fee structure.

Admission fee: Ksh 45,000

Caution money for Day students – Ksh 100,000

Caution money for boarding students- Ksh 200,000

Tuition fees for day students- range from Ksh 245,000 to Ksh 600, 000 per year

Tuition fees for boarding students- range from Ksh 950,000 to Ksh1, 080,000 per year

6.Peponi school – The Kenyatta Family owned prestigious school is located in Ruiru, Kiambu county. They offer British Curriculum for both lower and upper schools. Full boarders pay Ksh 983,400 per term while day pupils pay 696,675 per term making it one of the most expensive schools at the moment in Kenya. It ranks in top 10 most expensive schools in Kenya.

The fee structure is as follows;

Admission fee- Ksh 10,000

Caution money for Kenyan residents- Ksh 275,000

Caution money for non- Kenyan residents- Ksh 350,000

Tuition fee for Day scholars- Ksh 696,675 per year

Tuition fee for weekly boarders- Ksh 928,725 per year

Tuition fee for full boarders- Ksh 983,400 per year

7. Hillcrest International School – Hillcrest international is one of the leading British curriculum based school in Kenya. It was founded in 1965 and was owned by a politician Kenneth Matiba. It is located in Karen, one of the leafy suburbs of Nairobi.

Parents pay on average Ksh.782, 000 per term.

8. Gems Cambridge

This is one of the wider network of GEMS Cambridge International Schools across the world and among the most expensive schools in kenya. It’s located in Nairobi’s suburb Karen along the Magadi road. They offer the British National Curriculum from Kindergarten to Year 13. Their year 12-13 pay an annual tuition fee of $16,176 equivalent to Ksh 1,635,070.


Braeburn is located along Gitanga road in Nairobi’s suburb Lavington. They have more than 9 campuses in Kenya providing education under the British National Curriculum. Their year 12-13 pay an annual fee of Ksh 1,621,000 . It ranks in  10 ten of most expensive schools in kenya.

10.Braeside school

Braeside school is located in Nairobi’s suburb Lavington and they teach using the National Curriculum of England and Wales. They charge an annual Fee of Ksh 909,000 for year 12- 13. it is in of he most expensive schools in kenya