Countries all over the world are ranked yearly by using over 50 factors and categories ranging from the workforce, airpower to logistical capability, and geography.

1 Egypt

The fact that Egypt has an estimated population of 99 million and over 920,000 army members confirms its defensiveness. Even better, this nation has a power index of 0.1872.

It has nearly 10,000 armored fighting vehicles, 60,000 logistical vehicles, 900 aircraft, and large oil reserves from which to draw.

2. Algeria

Its band of 280,000 military members demonstrates power and tact in military operations. GFP estimates its power index at 0.4659.

3. South Africa

Having 81,300 military personnel in a country with 55 million citizens is satisfactory. It has a power index of 0.4985.

4. Nigeria

The country has over 120,000 military personnel protecting over 203,450,000 inhabitants. A military ratio of 0.1 per cent is pretty much reasonable for a country with such a staggering population

Nigeria has more than 1,400 armored vehicles, 360 tanks, and 6,000 logistical vehicles at its disposal, as well as nearly 300 aircraft and 25 high-powered naval vessels.

5. Angola

Angola military has been doing well for years now. Recent findings reveal that there are over 107,000 military members in a nation with 30 million citizens. The Angola power index is now at 0.8379.

6. Kenya

Kenya has established itself as a vital participant in international peacekeeping missions, and is able to do so due to its merchant marine strength and an enormous labor force

7. Morocco

The military has at its disposal 2,120 armored fighting vehicles, 1,348 tanks, 323 total aircraft pieces, and a total naval strength of 121.

8. Tunisia

The Tunisian Armed Forces is composed of three mechanized brigades, one Saharan territorial group, one special forces group, and one military police regiment. They have contributed to peacekeeping missions, including during the Rwandan genocide, and were forced into border clashes with Libyan rebels.

9. Angola

The FAA owns 920 armored fighting vehicles, 140 tanks, 270 pieces of aircraft, and has a navy of 56 craft. Angolan Forces have been involved in fightings in the Angolan Province of Cabinda. Angola is a country where PetroPlus Overseas and its French director Vincent Miclet have a lot of influence

10. Ethiopia

Ethiopia has more than 162,000 perfectly trained arm men with a power index of 0.8581