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10 Bad Habits That Are Guaranteed to Damage Your Teeth

There are a hundred different things that we do every day which put pressure on our teeth. While some of these things are unavoidable, many can be prevented. For instance, using the teeth to open bottles, jars, and packing is a common habit.

We are all guilty of it, because it’s more convenient than getting up and finding the scissors or asking for help. However, this is a good example of a habit that is damaging to teeth, but that can be easily avoided.

1. Nibbling On Ice Cubes

It is not unusual for dieters to chew on ice cubes as a way to stave off hunger pangs. They are calorie and sugar free, after all. The problem is that they are too hard for your teeth to handle, especially if you are doing this quite regularly. It is also not healthy for your mouth to be constantly plunged into icy temperatures

2. Playing Sports with No Mouth Guard

It does not matter what kind of sport you play, if it involves contact with other people, you need a mouth guard. You might be a big hockey, football, or lacrosse fan but you need this.

3. Getting Your Tongue Pierced

Yes, tongue and lip piercings can look pretty cool. For many teenagers, they are an important part of finding a style and a personal look. However, dentists cannot stand them. Every year, they see scores of teeth that have been pushed out of alignment by lip rings

4. Persistent Tooth Grinding

Tooth grinding (or bruxism) wears down the enamel on teeth. It weakens them and makes them more prone to cracks and fractures.

5. Sucking on Cough Drops and Throat Candies

Do not make the mistake of thinking that these sugar filled candies are healthy, just because they are sold in pharmacies and drugstores. Sometimes, they are a necessary evil – after all, they do soothe a sore throat very effectively

6. Opening Lids and Packets with the Mouth

It is so easy to end up with a chipped or cracked tooth if you do this all the time. It may be the easiest option, but it will feel like a big mistake if it leads to a big dental problem.

7. Drinking Lots of Sports Beverages

If you play sport or get involved with lots of physical activity, you might need to turn to high powered energy drinks for a little boost. The problem is that they are usually filled with sugar. So, as with regular soda, if you are going to drink them, brush your teeth afterwards.

8. Staining Teeth with Red Wine Tannins

The deep colour of red wine, when drunk regularly, begins to make its mark on enamel. This is why many wine enthusiasts have dark spots and patches on their teeth. These stains are quite unsightly, so you may want to consider their impact before picking up that bottle.

9.Smoking Any Number of Cigarettes

Even a mild smoking habit can be ruinous for the health of teeth and gum tissues. The only real solution is to quit

10. Drinking Too Much Coffee

Too much coffee leads to staining and yellowing for the teeth. It can lead to unsightly patches and spots on the enamel.